Next Up Hawaiian Airlines! As Boeing Resumes Dreamliners

Game On | Hawaiian Airlines | Boeing Dreamliners Resume

Good news today for Hawaiian Airlines; the delivery suspension of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and their upcoming aircraft, has just been lifted. This is excellent for the Hawaii Bellwether, as they are about to take delivery of their first new plane, which will dramatically alter their fleet for the first time in over a decade.
The stoppage began unexpectedly in January when an issue surfaced on a fuselage part that required further analysis to the FAA’s satisfaction. It was related to the “787 forward pressure bulkhead.” For the past two months, while manufacturing continued and deliveries did not, airlines wondered how long this might take, although the manufacturer didn’t expect it to be extended. Concerns were exacerbated by the plane’s multiple previous manufacturing and delivery problems and delays. Boeing said, “There is no immediate safety of flight concern for the in-service (Dreamliner) fleet.”
A few months ago marked the 10 year anniversary of Dreamliners. To this day, the 787 is a game-changer that will move Hawaiian Airlines into a new era.

The FAA approved the resumption of 787 deliveries next week.

The FAA’s requirements have been met, and no further delay or remediation to existing aircraft is required.
Will Hawaiian Dreamliners Get Trounced By Huge UAL Order

Hawaiian notified of delivery dates.

Next up, Boeing is communicating with airlines awaiting delivery, including Hawaiian Airlines, to integrate its first plane into its network planning.

Hawaiian recently upped its order for fleet-changing Dreamliners.

Hawaiian Airlines and Boeing Co. recently agreed to increase the number of planes and change their delivery schedule. While Hawaiian had originally purchased ten Dreamliners with options for ten additional aircraft, that was revised to an initial order of twelve aircraft.

Tentative delivery schedule for Hawaiian Dreamliners.

Could Hawaiian Dreamliners Be Waylaid By Huge UAL Order

Hawaiian last said that deliveries of their first Boeing 787-9 could start as soon as October or as late as December. The remaining planes will be arriving through 2027. Three more planes are set to be delivered next year. The latest schedule includes a delay of two-plus years from the original delivery plans they first announced.

The question remains whether any further delay could result from larger orders awaiting deliveries. See Will Hawaiian Dreamliners Get Trounced By Huge UAL Order?

Why Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliner will change things so much.

When the planes arrive, they will not replace Hawaiian’s ten-year-old Airbus A330-200 fleet of 24 aircraft. The Dreamliners can go greater distances while providing more luxury, overall comfort, and fuel economy than the current planes. We look forward to seeing those planes on a variety of existing and new routes since the plane can fly up to 14 or more hours and 7,635 miles distance. We suggest those may include:

  • Honolulu to New York
  • Honolulu to LA
  • Honolulu to San Francisco
  • Honolulu to Sydney
  • Honolulu to Tokyo
  • Honolulu to London (new)
  • Honolulu to Southeast Asia (new)

Double suites are just one feature of Hawaiian Airlines’ Dreamliners.

With these planes, Hawaiian will be better equipped to target the premium Hawaii travel market paradigm. The new business class seats are a significant improvement compared with the A330 widebody fleet, which was the airline’s first foray into lie-flat seating and didn’t provide all passengers with direct aisle access as has become the industry standard. They are the first customer for a new suite from Adient Aerospace, pictured below. The center seat combination is referred to as a “Cabana Suite.”


Awaiting economy configuration and the possibility of premium economy.

There hasn’t been any announcement of their economy seating plans and configuration, although we know the hard product will emanate from Ascent. While Hawaiian had said there would be no premium economy cabin, we think that will change. They would be the only airline flying to Hawaii that does not have a premium economy offering. That, too, is becoming the industry standard on widebody aircraft.

Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliner interior

New Hawaiian Airlines 787 Interior

Original announcement: Up to 20 New Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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15 thoughts on “Game On | Hawaiian Airlines | Boeing Dreamliners Resume”

  1. Hopefully, the popular flights to Incheon, South Korea will get some of the first delivery of 787-9 Dreamliners. There’s a strong need for more Business Class seats on this route.

  2. How can you make a Hawaiian Air flight reservation that ensures your seating in one of the new 787-9 dreamliners for January 2024?

  3. Great news abounds and will be greatly appreciated by those who can afford to upgrade and also those who fly 1st class. My question to this is:”I Believe that the Elimination of Tourism is the Ultimate Goal of Hawaiians, will this hurt that goal? Hawaiian will have the ability to fly around the world and avoid bringing tourists to Hawaii, however, they may find it more profitable to have their Bases of operation outside of Hawaii. Of course their business office will be in Hawaii to retain their connections. Everything is on the table with Hawaii shifting from Tourism to Local Manufacturing and Self-Sufficiency for their economic success. A one step at a time approach, they’re arguing about the Chicken or Egg first Question.

    1. Sounds to me like these will be designed for Hawaiian Airlines to be able to fly later flights, and thereby get on a different air highway, and also fly more late flights. It’s obvious these new planes contain these new comfort modules are for people who can afford them and for heavy, long-term Hawaiian Airlines mileage customers. After living over 20 years on the big island, I saw with my own eyes, how the changes are happening fast, and sadly, attuned to the wealthier part of the US population. I think that Hawaiian Airlines is catering to that population. How we all missed Aloha Air. Hui hou

  4. Hawaiian airlines is its own worst enemy. Why fly Hawaiian Air when the Hawaiian experience is gone? There is no Hawaiian music, decor, and certainly no “Aloha” spirit any more. I have always made a point to fly Hawaiian to begin my Hawaii experience the moment I stepped on the airplane. You’ve lost it. Stark and sterile. Nope.

    1. Sounds like Hawaiian has formulated their customer satisfaction plan. If they can’t satisfy anyone, Why Try! With that attitude I ask: Why Buy and Fly Hawaiian? I guess if you can’t disillusion your customers, who can you! Fly, fly, fly but to Hawaiian just say “Goodbye!”

  5. Awesome news! Congratulations! Now…implement nonstop service front ONT-OGG. I don’t want to connect in HNL anymore.

    Aloha and mahalo! 🤙🌞🌺🌸

    1. Sure did, and their Stewardesses were featured on Calendars every year. That is when there was Respect and a sense of Duty. I actually stayed at a Bed and Breakfast operated/owned by a retired Pan Am Stewardess in the Catskill Mountains. She was an awesome cook and kept her place immaculate. Very professional and friendly, she had all of her things on display including Calendars that she was featured in. Never know who you’ll meet on the road of life!

  6. New airplanes are nice but we are still waiting for
    The now industry standard Wi-Fi to be installed
    on Hawaiian. 8 hours to Tokyo without Wi-Fi is pretty

    1. Hawaiian balks again with the promised wifi,tell me it’s not true! Maybe it’s just me, maybe not, but Hawaiian can’t seem to keep up with technology or are they flat out refusing to? Making flights more pleasant by having wifi should be standard by now, but caring and Aloha seem to have been discontinued at Hawaiian, must be an Island thing. Pour a few more drinks and pass out, that’s your entertainment.

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