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Return of Hawaii Interisland $29 Flights This Summer

Deals on Hawai interisland flights are available for purchase today and tomorrow only, in theory. But with a fare war, you never know how long it might go on or how deep the discounting could get. Could it be any cheaper than $29? That’s also possible.

Note: Hawaii Airlines currently has far fewer routes and dates available for the $29 fare. In fact, they only announced the deal for limited routes in August. We suggest you either head to Southwest, or check back later at Hawaiian, as it is entirely possible that they’ll match prices on all routes and dates.

Also included for $29 on Southwest are the highly coveted neighbor island to neighbor island flights, from Maui to Kauai and from Maui to Kona. On Hawaiian those routes are somewhat higher, albeit still discounted.

Fly for as little as $29 each way on six routes. This represents a huge saving compared with the normal fares we were looking at just last week. There’s no doubt that competition has been good for flying interisland. Otherwise, you’d be paying multiple times more than these rock bottom prices.

Fly weekends and weekdays, too, and get these $29 fares. Travel dates are for August 1–31, 2022, depending on the airline and route. Not all days or all flights are included, however.

These could end at any time. For best availability, book immediately. There are no blackout dates. To find these sale fares, visit the airline websites directly as these prices are available online only. You cannot call the airline to obtain these fares. Read on for other important details.

Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Honolulu to/from Maui $29
Honolulu to/from Kona $29
Honolulu to/from Kauai $29
Honolulu to/from Hilo $29
Kauai to/from Maui $29
Maui to/from Kona $29
Kauai to/from Kona $49
Kauai to/from Hilo $49
Maui to/from Hilo $49

When to travel: Travel throughout August, 2022. Availability varies by time of day, day of week, and route. To find these fares, use the airlines’ flexible date search by month. Prices are each way, including all taxes and fees. These are the lowest fares offered and aren’t available on all or even most dates/flights. Availability is limited.

When to purchase: These are scheduled to end later tomorrow. But keep in mind, airlines change fares up to five times daily. The prices listed were available at the time of publishing. Purchase as soon as possible.

Availability: Must use fare calendars to find seats, availability, and best pricing. Travel over holiday periods is limited. Prices are available online only.

13 thoughts on “Return of Hawaii Interisland $29 Flights This Summer”

  1. That Inter Island Flight price is wonderful, I regret the limited time offer. We typically come to Oahu in February and certainly would like to visit other Islands, with a price like that or similar we would take advantage of Island Hopping! Hopefully one of these future visits. Great Article and Fully Explained, hopefully people will take full advantage of this opportunity.

  2. This is not what Hawaii needs right now. I appreciate people want to save money but 29 fares are a carrot that is unsustainable and puts further strain on the system. SWA is boasting they want more inter island flights, This will cripple airport traffic. You think it’s bad now, wait.

  3. Thank you so much for this update. My husband and I leave for Honolulu August 3, 2022 and would like to fly to some of the other islands to see volcanos and water falls.

    Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Any thoughts on interisland fares for Nov ?
    Currently both HA and SW are $85 each way
    should I wait and see if they have a fall sale later in the summer?
    Thanks for any insight

    1. Hi Keiko.

      The way it is looking right now, competition and reduced fares could well continue into the fall. That is unless you are talking about over Thanksgiving.


  5. Can’t afford $750 a night for hotel roomsrob T?
    Schedule your interisland flights as a red eye and get a hotel room for $29.
    Problem solved.

  6. I wish you would put an easy link on your posts so we can share on Facebook or Twitter. Possible?


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