How High Is Too High? 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay Reopens. $8K-$77K/Week

How High Is Too High? 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay Kauai Reopens.

Back to the subject of extraordinarily high Hawaii hotel prices, there’s a new Kauai hotel reopening, the 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay. It’s the latest Starwood hotel reprise of what we’ll always think of as the Princeville Resort. In its last iteration, it was known as the St. Regis Princeville Resort. We’ve recently seen a great deal of promotion for the new hotel and looked into it a bit further. When it opens, we’ll also provide some on-the-ground feedback.

The 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay will have 252 rooms, of which 51 are suites. The website says that “Thoughtful touches will bring nature into each space, with native greenery, reclaimed materials, organic cotton linens, and views of lush gardens, soaring mountains, or sparkling Hanalei Bay.”

Set apart by its iconic Bali Hai view.

The hotel features an iconic Bali Hai view that knocks you off your feet when you first walk into the lobby. It is that magnificent.

The resort was bought in 2018 by Starwood Capital Group and was destined to be one of its 1 Hotels and Resorts brand. It will finally be opening in the next few months and they are taking “discounted” opening special reservations starting February 1.

Fresh off a $250M renovation.

1 Hotel Hanalei Set To Reopen

The 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay has had a significant makeover, for which it has been closed for more than two years. The last time it saw any real redo was in 2009, when about $100M was spent and the hotel was closed for about a year. This time, the resort shuttered conveniently in May 2020, right as Covid shut down Kauai.

The resort has always been a special place for its Makana Terrace dining with unequaled views. The food was never very good, frankly, and hopefully, that too will change with this latest iteration.

Mildew has also plagued the property since it was built. Because of its location, the resort needs to remain largely air conditioned 24/7 in order to help prevent the return of mildew which was hard to avoid or remediate, and unpleasant to experience.

Best rates at 1 Hotel Hanalei range from $8,000 to $77,000 per week.

A variety of room categories are available with some geared towards, well, the more reasonable. A mountain view king room, for example, will set you back just $6,406, for a 7-night stay, which with resort fees and taxes comes to $8,011.

Heading up towards the higher end of extreme prices, a large oceanfront loft suite, for two guests, will cost $48K plus resort fees and taxes for the week, which comes to a total of just over $57K. But it still goes up from there, if you’re willing.

Keep in mind that the above rates are the cheapest we found on their website. These rates are “fully pre-paid and non-refundable.” There are somewhat higher “pay later” rates which let you cancel up to 14-days prior to arrival.

The only rooms with a lanai are marked as “terrace.”

Sadly, as has always been the case, only a small number of rooms at the hotel have a lanai. Otherwise, you’ll be enjoying the beautiful views strictly through your room’s large windows. If you want a lanai, be sure to check for the room categories that have the word terrace in the title.

Gorgeous views but not much beach to speak of.

Beach at 1 Hotel Hanalei

The hotel has a small strip of mostly rocky beach which is also used by the nearby Hanalei Bay Resort. To enjoy the beach magic associated with the new hotel’s name, it is about a 15-minute drive to arrive at iconic Hanalei Bay, which sits just across the Hanalei River but is otherwise inaccessible. Most visitors will opt for that choice.

The $250M makeover.

The resort said, “Every corner of this irreplaceable property is being reimagined — the results will boast 252 transformed rooms and suites; a 7,900-square-foot wellness center; renovated pools, including the addition of a new adult pool with sweeping tropical views; and an 18,000-square-foot spa and fitness center.”

Retreat accommodations are also planned in association with the hotel’s wellness concept. That includes sage-burning, special lighting, and sleep tracking too. Look for personalized nutrition and exercise programs as well as restorative therapies for wellness.

Reservations are being taken now for arrival dates starting in February. The resort was bought in 2018 by Starwood Capital Group when it became part of its 1 Hotels and Resorts brand.

Do you plan to stay at 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay and be what’s your take on their opening prices?


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52 thoughts on “How High Is Too High? 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay Kauai Reopens.”

  1. Have you done an update on this resort since it opened? I’d love to hear a solid review on it since your article stated that when it opens you’ll provide feedback. I have been hearing and seeing a lot of mixed reviews and some 5 star reviews that look like fake or paid ones. It seems as if it’s understaffed and the service is lacking. The travel agent community has been talking about it lately and we’d love an honest review about it so we can make informed decisions for our clients. Mahalo!

    1. Hi Rebecca.

      We have not done that yet but it is on our list for articles being considered. Thanks for suggesting it.


    2. I was looking at their rates a couple of days ago and cheapest rate (PRE-PAID) was $1,500. And taxes and fees and you are looking at $1,750 per night. Entry level room too!!

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