Is Southwest Still Hawaii's Low-Cost Airline?

How We Just Saved Additional 14% On Southwest Hawaii Flights

This weekend, BOH editors made plans for another round of Southwest Hawaii flights starting next week. They will travel across the U.S. from Hawaii and then back to see how well everything works, from connecting flights with a short turnaround time to WiFi across the Pacific and the U.S. We’ll report back here.

But in the meantime, a trick we shared has returned and is valid only today. It saved us a handy 14%.

Leave it to Costco again to have a Hawaii deal, valid for Memorial Day weekend only, ending tonight on all Southwest flights and routes. The Hawaii favorite big-box store has returned its Southwest Airlines gift certificates with an added discount.

Costco Southwest Airlines Giftcard. These are available for purchase and redemption online. Keep in mind that the gift card is electronic. Costco says the Southwest cards “are normally delivered within the hour to the email address you have entered.”

Costco occasionally offers Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines gift cards too. Neither of those, however, is available at this time.

Here’s how to use Costco Southwest Hawaii gift cards. 

First, check to find flights that you intend to buy. We don’t like spending money on gift cards we don’t plan to use soon. Then visit to purchase the gift card. Wait about an hour or less until the gift card voucher email arrives, and then buy your desired airfare.

Terms and conditions.

  • Purchase a $500 gift card for $429.99 (usually $449.99) through 5/28/23 while supplies last.
  • Limit 2 per household for this savings.
  • No expiration date.
  • Delivered within an hour via email.
  • Redeem online by calling Southwest.
  • Not valid on Southwest Vacation Packages.
  • Non-refundable.

Do these Costco gift cards for Hawaii work for you?

With careful planning, these can be a no-brainer way to save about 14% on Southwest Hawaii flights or those to any other destination Southwest Airlines serves.

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7 thoughts on “How We Just Saved Additional 14% On Southwest Hawaii Flights”

  1. Southwest is parking aircraft by the dozens. A strike or other operational issue appears imminent (5/31/23).

  2. I have purchased these gift cards when they go on sale and especially with the added $20 discount. Definitely a saving for sure.

    1. The SW gift card value is $500.
      They generally sell for $449. (10% discount)
      The new addt’l sale has them for $429. (4% addt’l discount)
      Grand total: 14% discount. ($70 off value)

        1. I was reading USAToday yesterday when a headline jumped out at me, “bedbugs found at Hawaii’s largest airport”. The article implied these pesky parasites were found at the Southwest Airlines boarding gate in Daniel Inouye International Airport. So, I had to chuckle at the offer from SWA to save 14% on airfare. I don’t know about y’all but I ain’t getting anywhere near the Southwest boarding gate for Any % discount.

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