Miami To All Islands $400 (all-inclusive)

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s deals from Dallas, United has a fantastic price from Miami to all the Hawaiian islands. There is availability that goes into December, depending on your dates and which island.

Also, if you didn’t see our update, the $400 deal from Dallas is now good to all islands as well.

  • Airline: United Airlines.
  • Price: Approx. $400 round trip (all-inclusive).
  • Dates: Through December.
  • Availability: Until December 2010.  Not all dates, and no peak summer dates are available.
  • How to find dates: I used Kayak.


7 thoughts on “Miami To All Islands $400 (all-inclusive)”

  1. Actually Jeff, I really appreciate you for posting this. You also have local readers in Hawaii who follow your blog and love a good deal to ANYWHERE – regardless of similar climates.

  2. OOPS – I should clarify the Illinois note – S. Illinois – nearer to St. Louis, maybe?

    Chicago gets all the deals and it is a SIX hour drive from where we live. OH WELL – we can dream.

    We did snag a $500 RT fare from StL this December – it was online for about 5 minutes in August. StL to Kona. Never ever saw it that low again. Of course, our trip itinerary got changed without our knowledge and our flight home was canceled – now, let me think – was it still a good deal??? You Betcha!! The week in Hawaii made it worthwhile – even though the trip home was a nightmare. Do I dare mention it was on United?

  3. I agree with Ed. Give us some deals from Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, N. Dakota, Illinois. Our money is good, too, and we could sure use the break.

  4. These deals don’t make sense when you think about it…
    People who live in Dallas and Miami already live in a tropical zone, so why would they want to go from one tropical zone to another and pay a lot of money to do it? That doesn’t make sense to me!
    If you think about it, the people who *NEED* to go to a tropical zone are those people who have been hit hard by this latest blizzard that blanketed the east coast! Give me a $400 round trip from Dulles and I’m on the next flight out of here!

  5. Amazing deal! Thank you for posting. I wonder if I can manage 3 trips this year with my furloughs. EEK!


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