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New Honolulu Airport Hotel Coming Soon

Honolulu Airport Courtyard by MarriottHave you ever tried spending the night at a hotel near Honolulu Airport? If so, you know the choices have been quite slim and frankly disappointing. In fact we usually choose to travel into Honolulu or Waikiki even when catching an early morning flight out of HNL.

We’re excited to report that the Honolulu airport hotel situation is about to change for the better. This is great news for Kama`aina on outer islands and Hawaii vacation passengers transiting through Honolulu to other destinations.

Courtyard by Marriott Honolulu Airport Hotel

The developer of the Radisson Prince Kuhio Hotel, Washington based Hadley Properties, has announced that they have completed design for a new 247-room 15-story Courtyard by Marriott hotel adjacent to the airport (pictured here).

No date for the new hotel opening was announced. Let’s hope it’s soon.

The three current Honolulu airport hotel properties (some of which may be put out of business by Courtyard) are the Airport Honolulu Hotel, Best Western The Plaza Hotel and the Pacific Marina Inn. We’ve tried them and frankly they weren’t anything we’d care to stay at again.

What are your experiences staying near Honolulu airport?



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  1. I have stayed at both the Best Western Plaza and Ohana hotels and had no complaints. Granted, they arenʻt the 4 star hotels of Waikiki but they are convenient if you have an early morning flight, they are quieter than staying in Waikiki even with the airport next door, they are clean albeit slightly outdated, and the parking is FREE at the Ohana. I will however welcome a new hotel, especially a Courtyard by Marriott. It will give travelers another alternative to the big Waikiki hotels.

  2. Air crews will be happy; have seen some of them getting into and out of the Best Western shuttle van.

  3. Thank god for that! Just really strange that a very popular destination lacked a decent hotel at airport! I’ve stayed at two of them and regretted both, but it had to be done due to flight schedules.

  4. from my very first trip to Oahu , some 10 yrs, when researching where to stay,,i always narrowed it down to the j w Marriott ihilani ko olina resort ,,some 17 miles out of town,,,,because of cleanliness , accommodations, services, etc,,worth the trip, and cost,,only once did I stay at an”airport hotel”, because it was my sister’s travel agent who made the arrangements for that trip,,since then whenever I travel to Hawaii,,which is usually once I year,,mostly to Kauai,,,i make my own arrangements,,,i never was pleased with the hotels close to the airports, or close to downtown Honolulu,,, and that is just by doing an internet search,,,and this just verifies my thoughts,,,,,just last sept 2013,,we stayed at the ihilani for a few days before we went to Molokai and then to Kauai,, and had a very relaxing visit,,,especially after a long 11 and 1/2 hr flight from new jersey,,,,,,,

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