Prices Just Dropped! San Francisco to Hawaii Sale | $139

New this morning, great airfare deals from San Francisco to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. Strong competition is leading to better prices, more dates and options. But don’t forget these could end at any time (like today)!

A great price awaits you for a spring Hawaii vacation with today’s sale, if you can act immediately. These are limited time, unpublished deals with good availability as outlined below. This is just the beginning of the great things ahead for Hawaii deals. It isn’t going to get much better than this from San Francisco.

San Francisco to Hawaii Sale | $139

Airline: Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.

Availability: Now through May 2020. Travel Monday through Thursday. Not all dates or flights,  availability limited and varies by route. Use airlines’ flexible date search.
How to book: Online only. You cannot call to obtain these fares.
Note: These are basic economy fares. See our guide to Basic Economy to Hawaii.

Routes on sale, airline and prices are as follows:

San Francisco to Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines for $139 one way.

San Francisco to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines for $139 one way.

San Francisco to Kauai on Hawaiian Airlines for $160 one way.

22 thoughts on “Prices Just Dropped! San Francisco to Hawaii Sale | $139”

  1. Hi Rob and Jeff,
    Hope this finds you well. Heading from CA, Bay Area,9 to Kauai 5/31-6/9. Found flight out of Oakland $388 round trip, main cabin. Haven’t seen it this low. Any chance it will get lower?
    As always, thank you for you input and your helpful website.

      1. Thanks, much appreciated. Traveling with senior so we need to be able to reserve isle seats. Can sears be reserved w/SW? Or just 24 hours before flight?

        Thanks again.

        1. Hi Rene.

          No you cannot reserve seats. You can pay for early boarding which should give you the desired result, albeit at an additional $50 cost. So in your circumstances, it might work out better on Hawaiian.


  2. We are traveling from SFO to OGG in August 2020. The fare is $398 pp right now. Do you think it will go down at all between now and the summer. Thanks!

  3. Hello,

    I am looking to book flights from Omaha to Kona during the first week of Nov 2020. Should I be looking at flight purchases once available or wait until the summer of 2020 to see if any deals come around.

    Thank you in advance for your advice.



    1. Hi Aaron.

      Best to wait until summer of next year and look for prices starting at $550 RT.


  4. When should I start seriously looking for fares for June from Pittsburgh to Kona?Also,do you think they’ll
    be any chance of summer fare wars? I always appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Sally.

      It depends on your dates. If you’ll be returning home during first week of June, then you can wait until early next year to buy and anticipate price of about $650 RT. If however you’re traveling later in June, it would be best to buy as soon as those dates become available. In that case you are probably looking at $1,000 or even more. There won’t be deals for remainder of June. Hope that helps.


  5. Looking at Kauai, etc. from West Coast. Guessing SWA won’t go to HI by May ’18, we’d like to at least buy tickets via SWA to West coast from STL where we live. Which city or 2 are best bets for travel from West Coast to HI most cheaply? Current sales for purchase end 11/23? Will hold off on buying tickets from West to HI closer to May. Thanks and love all your wisdom!


    1. Hi Julie.

      Most reliable deal city that coordinates well with Southwest is Oakland. After that, any place on the west coast, from Seattle to San Diego.


  6. I am interested in visiting. Maui in 2018 -August or September. Please email more info as you recieve. Thanks


  7. Please notify me of low air fares to Hawaii from San Francisco. Looking to visit Maui or Kauai in March, 2018.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Ron.

      Please either sign up for our free emails or follow us on Facebook to get our alerts. Email alerts always go out first, so that way you get the most advance notice.


  8. Was excited to receive an email notice from you this afternoon about this sale, as I’ve been waiting to buy round trip tickets between the SF Bay Area and Maui for next summer. So I quickly checked but couldn’t find any fares nearly as low as what’s posted here. I looked at their flexible fare calendar for the summer and still see prices ranging from mid $300’s to $600’s or so for each segment. Possibly I am doing something wrong or maybe very few seats were available and they’re already sold out? Please let me know if you have any other insights or tips. Thanks so much!

    1. Ah, well, never mind! Now I see that the calendar was showing RT fares. And it appears you are correct that summer availability it very limited. Since I already have set travel dates, I am not in luck with this sale. But you can bet I’ll keep watching! Very much appreciate your email and website information, please keep sharing!

      1. Hi Anastasia.

        Hopefully today’s sale expansion may help. Summer is still limited, but lots of August dates just popped up. If this doesn’t work, there will be more sales ahead – this is just the beginning.


        1. So this morning I grabbed $163 one way on United from OGG to SFO on 7/9/18 (our return flight) for the 4 of us this morning, came in just under $650. A great deal! Good enough that I felt I could afford to upgrade us to Economy Plus for about $75 a seat. Wish I could find that fare for our trip over on 6/29/18. Am tempted to settle for a Hawaiian Air flight on 6/29, SFO to OGG for $325 per ticket. Hmmmm…. What do you think? Thanks again all your great advice! Would definitely have missed this sale without your email alerts.

          1. Hi again Anastasia.

            So glad that worked out and thanks for letting us know.

            Well don’t give up hope for your June trip. There are so many variables operating for that time frame which could result in unusual sales. Now that’s only if you don’t mind the suspense. If you do, then $325 isn’t bad for such peak season dates.


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