San Francisco To Honolulu $263 RT This Summer

Here’s a Lei Day blue ribbon special. First, availability of many of the fares we found last week, including the other airlines in the deal from San Francisco to Hawaii, is gone (at least for now).

This deal is still fantastic, although it has a slight quirk.  With a few date exceptions, on the outbound you’ll fly first to Kauai, then take the 20 minute connecting flight back to Honolulu.  Strangely, if you wanted to go to Kauai, you’d pay about $500.

Today’s Deal: $284-290 round-trip (all-inclusive).

Airline:  United

Dates:  Through August 21

Advance purchase:  14 days

Minimum/maximum stay:  3/60 days

Fare basis code:  LE143N11

Availability:  Fairly wide open at this time.  Use flexible date search to find the price and obviously don’t wait.

4 thoughts on “San Francisco To Honolulu $263 RT This Summer”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Check back or subscribe to our deals and you should see the SFO to Hawaii deals late in the mid to late summer.

    As for when to go, the entire months of November and December will be on sale, except Thanksgiving week and starting about December 15 through 31.

    Aloha, Jeff

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking for the best deal roundtrip from SFO to Hawaii (Maui or if you recommend another island) sometime end of year (Nov/Dec timeframe)… do deals for then come out around this time? Is there a week in Nov or Dec which is typically the most affordable time to travel there?


  3. Hi Aaron,

    Welcome. Fare basis is the Airline rules and pricing for that specific deal. If you are having trouble finding a deal, sometimes the airline’s web support can help, and having that code tells them specifically what you are looking for and that it exists.

    Check back again with any questions.



  4. I am a new comer to this site and am unsure what the Fare basis code: LE143N11 means and how to use it? You guys have amazing prices and I have really enjoyed reading your advice over the past few weeks.


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