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43 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliner Is On”

  1. “Nearly decades old” is pretty new when it comes to airliners, seems a bit dramatized / sensationalized in the wrong direction, the average longevity of airliner is around 30 years, if used regularly, so to be accurate and less sensationalized..it (the 330) is nearly (but not quite) at around 1/3 of its useful life. The North American average age of commercial airliners is over 14 years, so another way to say it is…”it will augment the newer than average A330 fleet…”

  2. As a frequent Hawaiian flier with Pualani stars, I had hoped Hawaiian would have a dedicated Extra Comfort (premium economy) on their 787s. One of the reasons we standardized on HAL was the 2-4-2 seating layout. No matter where you sit with that configuration you are only 1 seat from an aisle. We have flown on the A330 numerous times in every seat class. The first class is, from the west coast, in my opinion, overkill, but a great product. Regular economy on the A321 is just a bit tight for the almost six hours you will be seated.

  3. I’m delighted that Hawaiian is buying Boeing. But, I will have to look elsewhere for a 787 seat. I live in the SoCal desert. Doesn’t look like HA will be flying from Ontario to HNL with the 787 (or any widebody) any time soon.

    Maybe JFK > ONT > HNL. Okay, Ontario isn’t a real option, but perhaps LAX or Las Vegas for a one-stop from NYC.


  4. AS very frequent fliers from the Los Angeles area to Hawaii, I would certainly welcome the 787 to the fleet, though I have my doubts it will serve any route from LAX to the islands. One item I would certainly like to see is for Hawaiian to make a three cabin version, first class, a section with the Extra Comfort (premium economy on other carriers) and coach. I think Hawaiian could make a solid profit by having the Extra Comfort section a 2-4-2 seating just as it is on the A330. I fear it will be the typical cattle car 3-4-3.

  5. Not looking forward to it because there’s no chance it will be on the Ontario Honolulu route.

    But delighted to see Hawaiian going with Boeing.

    1. It will depend on where you are going. The 787 will only be able to fly to Honolulu or Kona first. That means adding an inter-island flight if you are headed to Maui.

  6. I believe the original plan was to scrap the A330 completely once the Dreamliner came onboard. Apparently that’s no longer the plan. I think the 787 is a superior aircraft to the 330.

    1. One issue is that the 787 will not be able to fly to Maui. The 787 needs almost 3,000 more feet in runway than available at OGG. Dang!

          1. Mark is correct. The 787 is in reality about the same size as the 767 in all its versions, but lighter and with more powerful engines. It’s also sea level which also requires very little runway. And, Google sucks!


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