Classless Southwest Hawaii Review: Unique In The Market

Classless Southwest Hawaii Review SJC to LIH: Quirky, Unique

Get ready for a different ride. What we found on our first trip from the mainland with the Texas carrier. Southwest Airlines Hawaii review.

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56 thoughts on “Classless Southwest Hawaii Review SJC to LIH: Quirky, Unique”

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll ever fly SW from Las Vegas to Honolulu again. We flew 07/2021. I knew what to expect as I’ve flown SW many times and usually have no problems. The check in for the flights going and coming was terrible. No control over the very rude passengers; no lines to line up; no announcement to line up in numerical order. I would say most of the passengers were flying SW due to the low fares. I had a few people tell us the didn’t care if we paid for Early Bird and the check in folks just let them go thru. So I travel SW on the mainland. Unless I hear things changed with boarding, I will probably never fly SW to Hawaii again.

  2. Back in May, took my first Southwest flight from Hawaii to Eugene, OR via Oakland CA. Your review of the service is spot on. I was impressed by the inflight entertainment system and how it worked. It was very intuitive and didn’t have a glitch on the 2 Transpac flights that I went on. Even watched a few movies that I didn’t catch otherwise. Their cabin service can be described as “fun but drama free”. And that is really how it should be if you’re just looking for basic transportation between points A and B.

    Would I take them again? Yes, but only to the West Coast. Their east-of-Rockies offerings are hard to navigate for reservations, especially if you are going point to point. SWA for west coast is, indeed, a solid product.

  3. Aloha BOH!
    Although I don’t feel welcomed in Hawaii anymore, I still enjoy reading your blog about it, along with your travel tips. I flew SW for years, for both business and pleasure. I agree, they are a great airline. But, if I am going to an exotic location on a vacation, I want to spoil myself and fly comfortably. I want that sense of elegance and feeling special, and don’t want to feel weary half way through the flight because the seats are too thin or they have served me dry crackers. In other words, I want to enjoy my flight and feel relaxed and refreshed when I arrive. So when I can, I will splurge for that upgraded seat on the airlines that offer them. Mahalo for sharing your research and your insights. Be well. ~ Debi

    1. Hi Debi.

      Thanks. Good to hear from you! Yes totally concur about the experience of travel and seeking that out when possible. Having said that, we all started in economy and that where the fun began.


  4. I think you could sum up your entire review into the following simple sentence: “Southwest is the low frills, efficient & friendly alternative to other airlines”.

    I am a Southwest “convert”. I Love their model and fly them whenever possible.

  5. Queen, there are ways to get around that issue. Do a bit of homework or call SW service. Also, SW boards all family groups between A and B boarding and flight attendants will help you with seating.

  6. Yes I agree about that ugly snake pack thing, that needs help. However, some people seem to love it. SW is also good at transferring your luggage to other worldwide airlines. I have U Prof friends who travel the world frequently. They have used SW for many years and they love the airline. At first I didn’t get it. But after using them several times, I’m beginning to understand. They are all business and punch all the buttons nicely. I had a service issue that was complicated, they resolved it to more than my satisfaction quickly. The more we use SW, the more doors get open to understanding SW.

    1. Hey Roy,
      How do you get SWA to transfer your luggage to other “World Wide” Airlines as you say? I thought with no code share you have to collect at bag claim and recheck at new airline. Thanks!

      1. Lori, I have not done this but, my friends have. You need to go to the main check in desk in the airport (not the outside baggage check in) You need to show your passport to the agent and your connecting flights. I think it would be a good idea to call SW service.

  7. I’ve always appreciated the Southwest flight crews. They go above and beyond to be friendly. On a flight to Vegas for a friend’s 50th, they made her a birthday crown out of pretzel bags and swizzle sticks, turned all the lights out except the running lights, and had all of the passengers sing to her. A refreshing bit of light hearted ness in an increasingly stressful world.

  8. Hi, thank you for this article. Eventhough it does hit the high and low points, I never travel solo and usually in groups of 4 or more with small kids. Southwest airlines is the worse for families as it is very difficult to find seats/rows together. At least on other airlines you can choose your seats which is more convenient for families.

    1. Queen, there are ways to get around that issue. Do a bit of homework or call SW service. Also, SW boards all family groups between A and B boarding and flight attendants will help you with seating.

    2. Southwest has family boarding. If you miss the announcement the folks at the counter can tell you when it is occurring. Usually when their top tier fliers and military folks board is when families can board.

  9. I have flown various airlines for cross-country mainland flights in the last five years (United, Delta, American), but none more frequently than Southwest.

    This review is pretty accurate, and SW is certainly a unique airline with very niche offerings.

    Will have my first flight to HI on SW next week, and am looking forward to seeing how it goes.


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