Classless Southwest Hawaii Review: Unique In The Market

Classless Southwest Hawaii Review SJC to LIH: Quirky, Unique

Get ready for a different ride. What we found on our first trip from the mainland with the Texas carrier. Southwest Airlines Hawaii review.

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56 thoughts on “Classless Southwest Hawaii Review SJC to LIH: Quirky, Unique”

  1. I will take Southwest because of better seats and more leg room. Can choose where to sit.
    The food offering was better that Hawaiian. Better on time record.
    The bad thing- no entertainment screens in the seats.

  2. I had switch from Hawaiian Airline to South West Air trip Hilo to Honolulu a round trip I had done 9 trips, a big difference, S.W. crew treated me like I am a 1st class passenger, that how they did on all of their customers, Hawaiian Air line crew ( has lot to learn ) if they don’t get better, they will one day go down the shoot, the crew forgets the passengers pays their bills. one day there will be more new Airlines flying Hawaii routes.

      1. Patrick, perhaps you missed your calling as a proofreader? Or better yet, you Are a proofreader. Bottom line, most folks don’t care, so you are wasting your time

  3. very very informative. Ive flown hawaiian and alaska home n hawaiian has lost its aloha. being local from hawaii i have gotten along great with the crew except one time and one flight attendant who seemed anal about cell phones being off, which it was except the homescreen stays on even in airplane mode. she just seemed to be letting people know she’s the head person. alaska was good, not too much conversations tho. met some attendants who’ve had bad hair days and i suggest anyone that has experienced this mention it in their customer surveys, aloha should be practiced from gate to gate. I’ve flown alot on Hawaiian and over a handfull of times on Alaska. I look forward to my first trip on Southwest.

  4. Hi folks.
    I wanted to note a potential Southwest slowdown in San Jose for outbound flights. We flew from SJC to OGG on Alaska on Sun., Oct. 9,’22. We arrived at the airport at about 6:45 am to find a terribly long line in the terminal just to drop off checked luggage. We were a bit panicked, only to find out that it was a SW-only line. Also, the check-in line for SW snaked through the terminal, making walking to the Alaska kiosks a challenge. We went back outside and reentered the terminal closer to the Alaska area. I love that SW has free baggage check, but that seems to make the baggage drop-off far more time consuming, at least at this time of day in SJC. Just a heads up to allow extra time flying SW for baggage drop-off. Kind regards.

  5. I used to like Southwest,, but they have gone way down hill. I thought the boarding process was a great idea for a while, but as somebody who Flys quite often, even with “status” it can be annoying. There are times you may be put on the spot and asked to give up your seat to a less prepared guest.

    1. For got to add, I live Hawaii half the year and found it annoying when SW started because they constantly say “this is such a short flight”, such as we won’t be serving anything because this is such aa short flight. Or everybody take your seats, this is such a shortflight. Not everybody is a tourist. Since the only way to travel between islands is commercial air most locals know how short the flight is.

      I like SW for island hopi g bc they were cheap, but Hawaiian Air will price match. I definitely recommend Hawaiian are for mainland to Hawaii, especially if you can redeem those points for first (which also permits 2 free checked bags, priorty boarding, a meal and unlimited drinks) or business class. Kualoa please!


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