Why Hawaii Travel Will Rebound First

Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii in 2022

This Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii features our six-article guide. Read our new tips on Hawaii vacation deals, the best and worst dates to travel in 2022, when to buy, and what prices to expect during all seasons, including holidays.

This, one of our most popular posts ever, has been read millions of times and has nearly 5 thousand comments and over 61,000 Facebook Likes. You’ll find questions and answers helpful to finding Hawaii vacation deals! Then add your comments and questions.

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Read all the details on Southwest Hawaii flights.

Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii – What to Expect Throughout 2022.

Earlier this year we saw Hawaii flights on multiple airlines for under $99 each way. It doesn’t get any better than that! These could return again so be sure to subscribe to our free email updates and be first to get Hawaii deals.

Great News for Value Hawaii vacations!

Flights to Hawaii remain at inflation-adjusted low prices and this is only going to continue for the time being. That’s good news for 2022 Hawaii vacations. Recent and upcoming competition and strong discounting on many routes result in cheaper than expected flights to Hawaii.

The two largest Hawaii air markets – Southern California and Northern California, continue to see the best sale pricing as a shakeup in competition is continuing to occur. This will continue throughout 2022. Since California flights to Hawaii are highly impacted by Southwest competition, those routes should continue to have the best airfares going forward.

Seattle and Portland have had limited and intermittent competition as Delta competes with Alaska Airlines from the Pacific Northwest and United joins in with 1-stop flights.

San Diego and Sacramento get good prices on flights to HawaiiThese cities also have flights from Southwest!

Start your Hawaii vacation planning now with our helpful guides below.

Six Articles To Help You Find Hawaii Deals

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Questions and Comments.

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4,651 thoughts on “Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii in 2022”

  1. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in Oahu August 28th. My boyfriend and I are looking visit around August 24th-August 31st (give or take a few days depending on flight prices). Prices for flights LAX-HNL right now are around $650. I read on your site that around early summer the flights may drop. Around what price is decent for traveling late august? and When should I be on the lookout for a lower price?
    Also depending on the price, I don’t mind driving to San Diego to fly to HNL. What is typically the price difference between flying out of LAX versus San Diego?
    Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate any input. Thank you!


    1. Hi Shannon.

      First, do wait on this. Second, we don’t know what will happen as the Los Angeles to Hawaii flight pricing is in flux due to the new airline. It is possible that the LA deals will be as good or better than the San Diego deals. Shoot for $400. Hope that helps.


  2. Hi, Planning to visit Oahu May22-28 2016 and round trip flights from Oakland,CA to Oahu are roughly about $ 500…..Should I book now or wait for any February specials? Please advise.Thank you.

  3. I ❤️ Hawaii!!!
    Our youngest daughter selected to go to college at HPU in Honolulu. So I look for every opportunity for a cheap fair to visit.

    Looking for travel in May while she’s out till Summer semester: May 9-22 (I can only spend 7 days total).

    1. Hi Heidi.

      Travelling from Salt Lake City (according to your IP address). If you wait a bit prices may drop by about $100. Currently about $550.


  4. I’d like to take my husband on a surprise 40th birthday vacation to Hawaii. His birthday is in May but the travel is flexible. When is the least expensive to travel there and what’s the best island to visit?

    1. Hi Charisse,

      The post contains our best information on timing for visits. Which island is entirely subjective so we recommend the acclaimed guidebook series online or in print, Hawaii Revealed.

  5. Weare looking to fly from Phoenix to Honolulu in mid-September. Whaat is the best time to make airline reservations to get a good fare?

    1. Hi Grill,

      Recommendations on timing are already in the post. You can hope for a drop to around $450, which is over $100 less than currently available.


  6. When is the best deal to buy airline tickets from Portland, Oregon(PDX) to Honolulu, Hawaii(HNL)? And which condos best stay for a week? Which part of Honolulu is not ghetto? I’m looking forward in May2016. Thank you!

  7. Hi!

    My husband and I are planning on going to Kona at the end of May (Memorial Day weekend) for a wedding. We are flying from Houston. What is your recommendation on when to purchase tickets?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Koriane,

      Starts in low $600’s with two stops but for good connection it costs about $200+ more. Yuck. Nor sure this will improve however. You can try waiting, especially if your dates are mid-week and somewhat flexible.


  8. I am looking to travel from either New Orleans or Atlanta to Honolulu May 4th-May 10th. About 2 weeks ago roundtrip flights were as low as $527 out of New Orleans. However, overnight prices jumped a few hundred dollars. They went back down some todag, but not as low as they were 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nate,

      Might come down some if you wait a few weeks. ATL is usually more competitive and has the nonstop which is generally quite pricey – averages $250 more than one-stop.


  9. Aloha, arriving the 1st of June from St Louis, airfare has been steady for some time. do you think it will drop as we get closer to departure or should we purchase tickets now? thank you

  10. My girl and i wish to visit Hawaii for the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. How do you perdict prices of flight and stay will be for that week? Any suggestions when to book and where to stay and go. Mahalo!!

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