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  1. Thank you! Sorry I didn’t give very many details. We’re travelling from Vancouver, BC via Portland Oregon on Alaska Airlines….we’re also using a companion fare. So the fully paid fare came to about $600.

  2. Just found your site. Wondering if we can expect to see any good deals for PDX to Honolulu in late November 2015? Right now I’m finding round trip with Alaska Air for $450 each. I did see that you suggested in the above article to check for deals starting in early summer…which means when, May? June? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tina,

      That is a good deal. A very good one. End of November isn’t a cheap time so it would be best to buy now.


  3. Hi There

    We’re travelling to Kona between Nov 6-Nov 14. I have a found a good deal for approximately $850 return for 2 of us…do think it’s going to get any better or should I snag this now?

    1. Hi Peta,

      While you didn’t say where you are traveling from, anytime you can fly for around $400 or so that is a great deal. And better to snag one now than to have to keep watching and waiting in many cases.


  4. Hello again. I just want to thank you for answering my previous question about a May 29 – June 5 flight out of San Diego to Kauai. As it turns out waiting until the last minute has indeed paid off today as there was a price drop of over $100 I snagged 2 tickets under $500 round trip . WooHoo! Not sure I could stomach waiting until the last weeks again. It’s kind of like playing the stock market. I sure hope there are many happy travelers out of San Diego today. Thanks again for answering all of our nervous questions. Much aloha and mahalo.

  5. Enjoy your site. Planning trip to Kauai 9-17 to 9-24-15 out of LAX or SAN or BUR and remember a low fare for that time of year but do not remember when it was advertised. Any chance of that happening in May?

  6. Hi, Very helpful site! My family of four will be traveling August 11-17 and staying in Oahu. We plan on waiting until mid May/June to buy tickets out of Southern California planning LAX (but can do BUR or SAN if the savings are significant) to Honolulu. It seems by that time, the best priced tickets would be around $500 each, should I buy when they hit that price or do you think they’ll drop further? Should I wait until later in June or July to purchase?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Thanh,

      That’s running $700 or so on all airlines other than Allegiant (which is $200 less in theory).

      For your dates the prices could drop, but if so and by how much, isn’t clear yet. Yes it might be better to wait until we see late summer/fall airfare sales. That might be within the next 60 days.


  7. Hello,

    I am looking for tickets for a trip from September 1st through the 8th. What do you think will be the best price i can get. I saw on kayak a round trip for 405 from san diego to maui. Is that good or do you think they will get lower than that around the beginning of summer still?

    Thank you for your time!

  8. Family of four traveling July 8-15 three seats one lap infant. I’ve been watching fares since last October currently around 700/rt. Is there any chance fares will drop last minute like they do for winter and spring for this time period. Flying from Southern California to Honolulu. What is the best advice?

    1. Hi Frank.

      In a word, no. That is high season travel during to an in-demand location in a very strong travel year.


    2. Found a deal today for 603 r/t lax -hnl July 8-16 is that good everything else has been 714. Wait till end of May or purchase now?

      1. Hi Frank.

        Sounds like quite a good price really. While it could get a little better, that isn’t at all likely.


  9. HI, My family (2 x adults & 2 x kids 9, 6) have booked flights from Brisbane Australia to Honolulu on 27th November returning 10th December. I am wanting to visit the big island and Maui also and was wondering when to book and what price to expect for inter island flights at this time. Kind regards Anthony

    1. Hi Anthony,

      There can be inter-island airfare sales. But, they aren’t always in that availability of sale prices isn’t for the most desirable times. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, we’d suggest booking inter-island as far out as possible. For Big Island your only choice will be Hawaiian Airlines, so you’ll need to pay the going rates, that are largely time of day dependent.


  10. High, great site! I’m wondering about the best time (or price range to look for) for travelling to Kona/Hilo from Minneapolis in late January 2016. All the prices I’m seeing now are in the $800+ range except for a few Alaska Air flights.

    1. Thanks Casey.

      January is high season in Hawaii so deals aren’t expected. It’s even worse from MSP since there are rarely deals to Hawaii. That doesn’t mean a fare war couldn’t happen, it just is not at all likely. Sorry to not have better news.


  11. I ‘m looking to fly one-way from Kona,HI to San Diego,Ca on November !7th. So far flights have been around $375 one-way. Today delta has a flight for $212 one-way. Should i buy now or do you think competition will pick up?

    1. Hi Sally,

      That’s definitely a very good price for SAN-KOA. If the routing and such is to your liking, there’s no reason to wait.


  12. Hi,

    We are planning to fly from Baltimore to Seattle on 7/28 and then fly to Honolulu on 7/30 followed by flying to Maui on 7/31 . We are returning to either Seattle on 8/7 and most likely spending the night to then head back to BWI on 8/8. We also might fly to LAX on 8/7 to spend the weekend and head to BWI on 8/9. Should we purchase tickets soon or wait? Also any strategies you would recommend? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Mark,

      Your dates are clearly in high season so the chance of prices dropping is very slim. It often simplifies things if the entire reservation is on one itinerary. Otherwise you can end up needing to claim and recheck bags and go back through security. Since you actually want to break up your trip in both directions by at least a day, that won’t be an advantage. Therefore you might do just as well or better to have separate tickets for east to west coast and west coast to and from Hawaii.

      No other suggestions come to mind, but if you have any other question, please let us know.


  13. We’re hoping to go in mid-July, already have our hotel accomodations reserved. I’m seeing airfares at $875 range. Do you expect airfares to come down in the next few weeks for mid-summer travel to Hawaii? Just wondering if they will just keep going up as we are 90 days out from our trip.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Mid-summer Hawaii travel isn’t discounted. Almost ever. They might go up a little or down some but any significant change is unlikely.

      For next time, if you can plan for mid-August or after, you can reasonably expect to see price reductions.


  14. Hi,
    Great website and information. We are looking to fly from Portland to Maui or Honolulu (Not sure which yet) in February 2016. I know we have a lot of time, but what would you estimate fare would be at this time? Any tips on best time to buy? Thank you! Julie

    1. Hi Julie,

      February is high season, but not as high as January. Portland and the entire NW is seeing more than average competition. United already has a $468 RT mid week fare to Honolulu in February which is quite good. So there is reason to hope it could improve. If fare sales are needed by the airlines for winter travel, we might see those starting after this summer sometime.


  15. We are trying to fly to Honolulu out of Houston to visit our Navy son in June. It seems that it is even more expensive than coming off the east coast. When would be the best time to book for late June?

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Late June is high season and prices should not change much from what they are now.


  16. What is the best price I can expect to get for denver to hilo or kona in September?
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Currently just under $700. Might get better as it is too early for best September pricing. Hilo and Kona are usually more expensive than Honolulu or Maui. Best price guesstimate might be around low $500’s.


  17. Great site, thanks.
    Wife and I have reservations in Maui Sept 21, 2015 flying out of San Diego. Prices went up $55.00 to $316.00 on Hawaiian Air as of 2 days ago. Alaska Air has a non-stop for $246 each way, about $1000. rt for both. Do prices historically go down from this point for a mid September flight? Thanks ahead.

    1. Hi Ron,

      It isn’t so much a historical issue as a current competitive issue. It might be best to wait, and savings could be perhaps $50 per person each way.


  18. Hello,
    We have a family of 5 wanting to fly out to oahu from san diego nov 4-11th. Prices are around $500/person. Should we wait, or book now? Thanks for the info!

    1. Thank for the info! Generally, if we want to book nov 4 from SD to Honolulu, when should we be looking for cheaper flights to come around? Thanks again for all the info!

      1. Hi RV,

        All the info we have is within the post. “Late Summer and Fall 2015 travel – look for Hawaii deals to start appearing by early Summer 2015.”


  19. Hi,
    Thank you for this website. My husband and I are planning to stop by in oahu for a few days and then kauai.. whats the cheapest strategy to buy airfare. To buy lax to oahu ticket and then buy the ticket to kaui separate? We’re planning like christmas time this year.. please help.

    1. Hi Karen,

      With Christmas, it is best to buy as quickly as possible, as you can see from the article. Depending on the airline, you should be able to fly into Oahu and out of Kauai with little or no penalty. That way just a single inter-island flight would be required in addition to that ticket.


  20. Hello. My family and I are planning a trip to Kauai the beginning of July (1st-8th) and the lowest I’ve seen is $725 out of LAX. We are open to traveling from LAX or ONT or San Diego. What is the best anticipated price for that time

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