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  1. Flying to Hawaii (staying at the Aulani) July 12 through the 18th. What are ‘average’ rates for a RT fare from the Bay Area? Thank you!

  2. Hi!

    We are flying from Boston to Kauai for our honeymoon on June 29th and then flying from Kauai to Charlotte on July9th. I found flights for $1050 each. Is this the best I am going to find? I can’t seem to find anything better and I have been checking for a few months. I would like to purchase our tickets soon but wasn’t sure if I would find anything cheaper!


    1. Hi Jenna,

      It is probably going to stay around that price as you’re traveling at the absolute peak of summer.

      Congratulations and aloha.

  3. Aloha,

    We are planning a trip to Kauai March 7-14th. I have noticed airfare has dropped in last two weeks. Should I go forward in purchasing or wait to see if they drop lower?
    Flying out of DFW/ Dallas Ft Worth.

    1. Hi Kandis,

      Since your return is in high season, it would probably be best to purchase sooner than later.

      Have a great trip.


  4. Im going to Hawaii for the first time in Sept, yay! Im traveling 9/10- 9/17. Right now tickets are mostly $500+ round trip… should I wait to book my flight or will they just go up?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      For best pricing in late summer/fall from the west coast, deals will appear between late spring and mid-summer.


  5. My family and I are planning to travel to the Big Island from 4/-4/10/15. We will fly out of Oakland. Should I book now? Or will prices go lower in the next month or two?

    1. Hi Cam,

      Your dates are high season/spring break. Would suggest buying sooner rather than later.


  6. Hi there, thank you for writing this post.

    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Maui in late May (the exact dates are currently still open).

    We are currently researching the cost:

    We looked into airfare this week (leaving from Los Angeles) and found that on Priceline/Orbitz fares were around $571 each on the low end and went up from there. The base cost for airfare, hotel, and car rental (if all booked separately) for the two of us was about $2,615.

    We also looked into a package deal on those same websites (airfare, 3 star hotel/condo for 6-7 nights, car rental) and found that it was cheaper. The cost for that was about $1036-$1084 each if booked as a package (Los Angeles —> Maui, 7 nights). So the package deal saves us a total of about $500 or so.


    Do you think it’s better to book it all in a package deal like that mentioned above?
    Or should we wait for cheaper flights to arise before booking, and do it separately? Is $571+ too high? According to your post, ‘West Coast Departures: Starting at under $300 round-trip including all taxes and fees for spring and fall 2015.” so I thought $571 seems high. Also our dates fall into your prediction of cheaper rates (May).
    I read in your post that Oakland and San Diego may be two cheaper cities to fly out from, should we travel to one of those two and fly out from there instead of from Los Angeles?
    Any other tips for our trip location/durations/rates that we should be looking into?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Romina,

      Lots of thoughtful questions. Certainly look at packages – we’ve heard people comment on Costco in particular but have no personal experience. You can also look at flying Allegiant which typicallyk has the lowest base fares from Los Angeles.

      While we expect to see aggressive pricing for your dates, Los Angeles hasn’t been a recipient of deal love for a long time. Fares tend to be somewhat to significantly higher than San Diego for example. The chance of fares going higher for your dates is very slim, so it wouldn’t hurt to wait and see what comes up from either LA or SD. We might start to see sales for those dates within the next 45 days or so.

      Hope that helps.


  7. You have some great deals…….only if you’re an american.
    Why can’t we find any great charter deals from Edmonton or Vancouver.
    We have been searching for deals and the only way is to drive to Washington State from where we live. Who wants to drive for two days after flying home from vacation. Can you have flights out of Edmonton with great deals.

    1. Hi Scott,

      We don’t make the deals, we only report on them. It would be great to see more deals for the ever growing number of Canadian visitors!


  8. I am planning to fly to maui/OGG mar 26. Looking for 4 tickets for the past few months and prices still seem pretty high. Many have told me to wait until february but im scared that there wont be tickets that are seated together at that time. Any advice?

    1. Hi Jane,

      You didn’t mention where you’ll be flying from but assuming west coast. Yes, your dates are in peak season (Spring Break) so whoever told you to wait probably did not give you the best advice. As you can see on our Cheapest time to fly to Hawaii 2015 update, your dates are not ones where sales are likely.


  9. Hi from Minnesota, I’m planning to retire from the power company next July and moving home (born and raised been here for 35+years).I start my pension payment August 1st, so might need to wait before buying tickets. We are planning to fly there in August to find a place to live, come back to MN, then leave with our dog, for good after Delta air starts direct flights in late October. Any suggestions on getting the best deal for 3? Our daughter is coming with us in late October but not in August.
    Thanks and Happy New Year

    1. Hi Robert,

      Sorry to say that there are very few deals from Minnesota. Nothing specific to recommend.


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