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What Kauai, Nutella, And Not-So-Hawaiian Sweetbread Have In Common?

As you’ll see below, a press release we saw today caught our attention in a quirky way. It was from the Italian brand of Nutella, and its sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread that’s been around for more than 50 years and sold in 160 countries. Nutella is now featuring Kauai prominently in its jar-based marketing. The campaign is entitled “Nutella, Kauai, HI: Hawaiian Sweet Bread + Nutella.”

In a collectible program entitled “Breakfast Across America,” their jars are set to inspire breakfasts enjoyed in 16 different featured regions. This limited edition is available to help market Nutella and Kauai nationwide at prices from $4 to $8.

Nutella owner Ferraro said, “Nutella is all about breakfast, and we hope these regional recipes inspire families to create new special breakfast memories this summer. Whether you want to make a Beignet inspired by New Orleans or Blueberry Pancakes from Portland, “Breakfast Across America” has something for everyone to enjoy.”

In the case of the Kauai campaign, their regional recipe uses Nutella on Hawaii Sweetbread. But there’s a controversy with that connection, as you’ll see below.

Italian Nutella With Not-So-Hawaiian Sweetbread.

Regarding the sweetbread association with Nutella, you may recall a big controversy about King’s Hawaiian, the iconic name in Portuguese sweet bread founded in Hilo some 70 years ago. The majority of its bread is produced in Georgia rather than in Hawaii. In 2020, a New York resident sued the company and claimed they were misled about the product’s manufacturing origin.

The case was dismissed as the judge said a “reasonable consumer” would not believe the rolls are made in Hawaii with traditional Hawaiian ingredients.

The suit was brought by a woman who described herself as “a sophisticated food consumer.” She alleged that the packaging of King’s Hawaiian rolls is misleading. The package says, “Est. 1950, Hilo, Hawaii.” “Plaintiffs believed the Product is currently made in Hawaii. Further, plaintiffs believed that the Product contained ‘Hawaiian ingredients,’ including pineapple juice, honey, and sugar.”

Nutella was likely unaware of this sweetbread controversy before launching its campaign.

Other Locations and Regional Recipes Featured by Nutella.

Kenai Fjords, AK: Lingonberry Muffins + Nutella,

San Francisco, CA: Sourdough Toast + Nutella

Portland, ME: Blueberry Pancakes + Nutella,

New Orleans, LA: Beignets + Nutella,

Mackinac Island, MI: Pannakakku Pancakes + Nutella,

Miami Beach, FL: Breakfast Tostada + Nutella,

Kauai, HI: Hawaiian Sweet Bread + Nutella,

Pikes Peak, CO: Breakfast Burrito + Nutella,

New York City, NY: Bagels + Nutella,

Napa Valley, CA: Acai Bowl + Nutella,

Glacier Park, MT: Fry Bread + Nutella,

Chicago, IL: Breakfast Pizza + Nutella,

Lake Tahoe, NV: Sheepherder Bread + Nutella,

Crater Lake, OR: Dutch Baby Pancakes + Nutella,

Santa Fe, NM: Empanadas + Nutella,

Niagara Falls, NY: English Muffins + Nutella.

What’s your take on Nutella, including iconic Kauai imagery and Hawaiian sweetbread in its marketing?

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9 thoughts on “What Kauai, Nutella, And Not-So-Hawaiian Sweetbread Have In Common?”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that people just can’t pick up a package of whatever product and read where it is manufactured. Is it really that difficult to figure out? 🤔

  2. “Sweatbread” has, since the 16th century, been the culinary name for the pancreas of a cow or sheep. (Read all about it in Wikipedia). It is a very different food from the made-in-Hawaii bread with a sweet taste and texture – which was created in the 1950’s and originally called “King’s Hawaiian Street Bread”.

  3. I think I must be one of the few people who really dislike Nutella on its own or with anything else. I like chocolate and I like most Italian dishes and most of the wonderful choice we have in Hawaii but the mix of Hazelnuts and ChocolateNutella is not for me. I love Hawaiian Bread with its sweetness and would never spoil it with Nutella. With soup or stews yes, as Bruschetta even yes, if I need comfort food warm bread with ice cold unsalted butter and some lilikoi preserve. Never Nutella! Never mind it is mainly Sugar and Palm Oil…

  4. Most of the iconic items they are claiming are from other countries… callfornia/San Fran sourdough. was imported by immigrants from Italy, and especially the Basque sheep herders that immigrated. Bakersfield, CA is world famous for its Perinies Sourdough. and Woolgrowers restaurant from these immigrants.

    Sad that corporations ignore the actual facts just to slap some marketing together to sell more products….
    im sure the Jewish community has something to say about New York begals?!?!

    1. It is interesting exactly where many things originated, it’s typically a foregone conclusion, wrongly, that the origin was from here or there. Only if someone was truly bored and searching specifics would they uncover the truth. I’ve been surprised several times in the past.

  5. It’s only marketed in Hawaii. Locals know there are other sweetbread companies, some very local, to purchase. It’s probably cheaper, too. It does sound good, though!

    1. Every Walmart that I have shopped across multiple States have had Kings Hawaiian Rolls and at least 1 competitors.

  6. Ok, you got me with the title. Love. It. I like the Nutella, Hawaiian sweet bread concept. Not everything has to be a lawsuit or insult our sensibilities. Let’s have a little fun every so often! And, plus we love Kauai!

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