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Will Delta Airlines Hawaii Flights Join Head-on Competition

Could Delta Airlines Hawaii flights be part of the upcoming head on competition that’s about to shake up flights to Hawaii? We think so based on this hint. They just announced that seasonal service between Las Vegas and Honolulu will be extended permanently. Read on for our airline analysis and find out why we forecast one of the best year’s ahead for Hawaii deals in 2018.

First, United Airlines is clear that that they will remain the preeminent provider of flights to Hawaii. The company recently stated that they will operate up to 40 each day. With that United will again offer the most service to Hawaii, having flown to the islands since 1947.

Hawaiian Airlines is busy re-fleeting for the west coast. It’s obvious that Hawaii is their domain and they won’t be outdone here in terms of either flights or competitive pricing. They are about to start replacement of their aging fleet of Boeing 767 planes with new A321neo aircraft. The first three Hawaiian Airlines A321neo routes already announced will make use their first delivery of two aircraft. Those will arrive at Hawaiian in the next few months and enter regular service early in early 2018. Hawaiian is scheduled to obtain 9 more A321neo planes in 2018, most of which will arrive early in the year. That will result in an unknown number of new routes and route adjustments/increases. Stay tuned for announcements upcoming.

Is Delta Airlines interested in competing head-on in flights to Hawaii?

Delta Airlines Hawaii flights currently include service to Hawaii (Honolulu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai) from Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Atlanta. An announcement yesterday on Delta flight schedules piqued our interest and gave us reason to think they might just want more.

Delta announced that their planned holiday service between Las Vegas and Honolulu has been extended. Previously it was scheduled from December 21 through January 14 only, as a daily seasonal service. That will now be extended as Saturday weekly service starting January 15, and then will return to Friday, Saturday and Sunday service from February 16 through April 1. That before returning to weekly service on Saturdays starting April 7.

Three reasons this is a big deal: First, Delta has continued to hound Alaska Air with their presence in Seattle following the breakup of their long-term relationship. Second, in the past months they have shown a renewed Hawaii interested and have taken part in on-again off-again deals between the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. Lastly, we (and Delta) anticipate Hawaiian AIrlines encroaching on Delta’s Hawaii flights with its own flights to Salt Lake City, as one example.

Our Delta Predictions: Next we expect to see Delta make a run at regular daily service between Honolulu and/or Maui and Las Vegas. We also would not be surprised to see them expand with direct to neighbor island flights from the Pacific Northwest. And perhaps more.

15 thoughts on “Will Delta Airlines Hawaii Flights Join Head-on Competition”

  1. Thanks for the great share! Planning to visit there. It’ll be my first time so yeahh I’m excited. What do you think is the best time to visit Hawaii. Also which Airline has the best services.

  2. Looking for best time to purchase first class from Seattle to Maui APRIL 9-19 2018. Flew Hawaiian this last April and liked there first class service but prices now are $450 more per person than we paid last year. Was also looking at delta but not sure about there first class product! Any information would be great!

  3. Hello. I’m looking for flights from LAX to Hilo for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Flight cost is about $1,000!! What’s the chances of cost going cheaper? Thank you

    1. Hi Donna.

      More likely to sell out than go down truthfully. It’s an extremely remote possibility.


  4. Southwest is coming soon , get ready . Delta won’t be able to touch them . There will be $100 seats galore

  5. When are we going to get some competition in the Phoenix to Hawaii market. We have Hawaiian and American, neither of which have ever been competitive with each other. PHX travelers get skinned in comparison to the West Coast, Northwest, Bay Area, Southern Cal, etc. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on airline activities to Hawaii.

    We want to go back in 2018(probably our last visit-we met, married, honeymooned and lived for six months in Hawaii fifty six years ago-it is always in our thoughts)

    Really like information on your opinions of the best time of year
    to visit, best prices and “not to be missed” stuff we should plan to see or do on this “Twilight Time of Life” trip. Thank you so very much!

    1. Hi Rick.

      Best guess is flights starting at end of 2018. LAX maybe. Oakland definitely. LGB not likely. SNA definitely not.


  7. Hi! Just curious what you think about the timing of booking a trip to the Big Island at the same time as I did last year? After watching airfare prices up until early Oct of 2016, I purchased airfare for $397 RT for Mid Dec of 2016 out of San Diego. I’m thinking of going the same time this year, (maybe more early Dec this time). Do you feel there is any safety to waiting until the same time this year, 2017? If it hits that price point between now and then, I’ll buy immediately but if it doesn’t, do I wait and see? What are your thoughts?

  8. Again, one has to wonder if all this expansion is going to be limited by the amount of room available at the airports. Already if you look at OGG and HNL, they are busting at the seams with the amount of passenger flow. They even have a Ag machine in the wing at OGG that used to be only for interisland flights. Again, it will be interesting to see if capacity can keep up with the wishes of these airlines

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