$300 Million Honolulu Airport Terminal Still Disappoints After Two Years

$300 Million Honolulu Airport Terminal Still Disappoints After Two Years

We were excited about the new Honolulu Airport terminal at first, but we are still left shaking our heads about what they were thinking.

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34 thoughts on “$300 Million Honolulu Airport Terminal Still Disappoints After Two Years”

  1. No signage. Not all travelers are part of a group with a guide. I’ve gotten best info of where to go from custodial staff!

  2. I feel sorry for the local residents who pay outrageous taxes here. The services does not measure up to what they pay for. We’ve traveled a lot and the interisland terminal is similar to most 3rd world countries. Again, someone other than the locals and visitors made a lot of “Kala” Thanks to the administration, politicians and contractors (Union, of course).

  3. Our first impressions of the new terminal was bright, spacious, and clean, yet lacking in dining options. If the terminal were to add comfortable seating areas( couches, benches, chairs) and workspace areas similar to those offered at the San Francisco International Airport, terminals A,B, C , D, it would be a great improvement. Using local designers implementing native colors, prints, and flora would have a charming effect. I have positive hope for my hometown airport!!!🌴🐠🌸

  4. Arrived last Friday afternoon. All I could smell was an airport filled with the smell of frying chicken in old oil. Made me literally sick. Miss the days of the smell of flowers!

  5. Comparing HNL International to Singapore International is kind of dumb!
    But, I must agree, that HNL needs a different vision. One thing that is huge is, families who go to the airport to say good bye to their family and friends as they leave the Islands Have No Where to even buy a snack or spend some quality time with them! Nothing for the people on this side of the airport! Shameful. Maybe next time, ask the people of Oahu what you would like to see done to the airport instead of having deal makers decide, what they want to see at the airport!

    1. I agree, Airports like the ones in Japan have restaurants and shops open to the public Before security check point.
      They even have an observation deck on the roof.

      The closest thing to that at HNL is the Dunkin Donut/iHop area which is Not walking distance away…

  6. Aloha,

    We couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the food offerings in the new terminal and the airport in general. That being said, we continue to be pleased with the helpfulness and kindness of airport workers.

    The airport can improve in regard to the retail/food space certainly in comparison to other airports in the continental US. However, keeping the Hawaiian feel is important.

    We have been traveling to Oahu for the last 15 years from the Boston/New England market. Now that we are retired we finally have the time to reach out to the other Hawaiian islands. While Honolulu and Hilo airports are massively different in size, little Hilo presents an island “feel”. Maybe some consideration should be given to this when a new vendor is selected in the upcoming years.

    Mahalo and thank you for your writings!


  7. I had such high hopes for this terminal! Sadly, it has completely disappointed me; really I am in disbelief at how bad it is. Little tiny Boise, Idaho Airport has far more concessions of a much better quality, just for example. Many other small airports come to mind that have far better terminals. This new terminal should be iconic of everything Hawaii, instead all I get are seats, gates and toilets. That’s pretty much all it is.

    1. Who makes the decisions the designs buildings and concessions? Ummm could it be some of the people that do not what tourist coming to Hawaii. Just a thought.

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