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American Airlines Hawaii Deals: All Islands From $134

Before fuel costs cause airfares to soar. Travel on 12 routes to all islands via American Airlines Hawaii deals.

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52 thoughts on “American Airlines Hawaii Deals: All Islands From $134”

  1. Please let me know of any deals for march 14 2018 through march 18 2018 from san francisco to honolulu hawaii thank you

  2. Hello, I keep looking for deals from PHL to HNL, but rarely see PHL mentioned. I have seen BOS, BWI and others, but PHL/EWR would be preferred. Do you know of any deals for PHL/EWR to HNL anytime June-August?


    1. Hi Greg.

      Late August starting at $640 on American. That has a long layover. About $70 more with short layover. From PHL. Not sure if this will improve but if you can go late in August .


    1. Hi Whitney.

      Generally from $500’s for nonstop. But with one quick stop, $373 through early December on United (not peak summer).


    1. Hi Cathy.

      In April and May there are $591 RT fares with one stop. Nonstop is over $900. There aren’t any really good deals from Chicago at this time.


  3. Hello can you please explain a got an email that I can book for $374 round trip from Boston to Hawaii but no such flights for that price come up. Thank you for any information you can give.

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