Lei Day in Hawaii

Lei Day Celebrations at Kauai Museum | 36th Annual

May Day is being celebrated as Lei Day in the islands. Next year look for Hawaii travel deals and join us the first week of May.

No Hawaii vacation deals today, so instead we’re attending the 36nd annual celebration at Kauai Museum. Photos are from the 35th annual celebration. While waiting to enter this popular Kauai festival, we made lei under the watchful eyes of experts in the craft. Inside the museum there are beautiful lei including edible ones awaiting us, and entered in competition.

Lei Day in Hawaii

Lei Day in Hawaii

Lei Day in Hawaii

Below is a gallery of more exception lei. Please let us know which lei you like best.

8 thoughts on “Lei Day Celebrations at Kauai Museum | 36th Annual”

  1. The first pic with the hono hono (bamboo) orchid and the gray hanging moss.
    A little late…but Happy May (Lei) Day!

  2. the last picture with the white and green. so crazy good, you can tell those took a long time. i have entered a lei the past 2 years but didnt get to this year and didnt get to go look…im sad to have missed it.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I usually spend my birthday on Kauai and make it a point to see the Kauai Museum Lei contest. This year was not possible to be there, so your blog and pictures today were a special treat.

  4. Thanks for posting photos of these lovely leis! I like the purple orchid leis the best but they are all pretty.

  5. Any news on the “preferred seating” program by Alaska Airlines that you mentioned at the end of last year? I haven’t seen anything on their website.

    1. Hi Don,

      No update yet and nothing on the Alaska Airlines website, but we should be hearing quite soon.


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