Watch Hawaii Airfares Climb As Southwest + Hawaiian Learn Co-Existence

Race To The Bottom As Hawaiian/Southwest Battle $82 Airfares

When Southwest kicked off its anniversary sale yesterday with Hawaii airfares as low as $75 one-way, including all taxes and fees, it was somewhat shocking, especially considering that it includes two free checked bags.

Today Hawaiian Airlines joined in the melee with its own version of too-low-to-make-money airlines for late summer and fall travel—first our take on the competition and then the Hawaiian version of the deal itself. Then comes the actually sale airfares.

Beat of Hawaii’s take on today’s $82 Hawaii airfares.

Rob and Jeff have this to say: Competition is incessant on California to Hawaii routes, and there’s absolutely no signs of that abating. First, there is less demand for Hawaii than, say, last year. That comes as the rest of the world has reopened to travel, and the sense of adventure for many has moved on from Hawaii to Europe and elsewhere.

Not only that, but the cost of Hawaii vacations simply got away. It is just too expensive, and the word is out on the street to that effect. As a result, inventory for the late summer and fall is more plentiful.

For the foreseeable future, Hawaiian and Southwest will continue to battle tooth and nail for these most competitive Hawaii routes. That is, even though neither makes any money on such low airfares that are far below their cost of providing the flights.

Today’s Hawaiian Airlines $82 Hawaii airfare sale.

Other city pairs are included in the fare sale, so check for your favorite route. The ones below are all of those routes that are on sale for $99 or less each way.

San Jose to Honolulu $82/$189*

San Jose to Maui $82/$122*

Oakland to Kona $85/$125*

Oakland to Maui $85/$125*

Ontario to Maui $85/$125*

Long Beach to Maui $85/$125*

Sacramento to Maui $91/$141*

Oakland to Honolulu $94/$134*

San Diego to Honolulu $94/$134*

San Francisco to Kona $99/$139*

San Francisco to Honolulu $99/$139*

San Francisco to Maui $99/$139*

* Sale prices on Hawaiian Airlines are basic economy and do not include seat assignments. The second price shown for each Hawaiian Air offer is the regular economy ticket price.

Terms of today’s Hawaii airfare deals.

  1. Purchase immediately since prices are increasing as inventory is sold.
  2. The sale ends tomorrow night, June 15, 2023. It will not be extended.
  3. Travel dates are from mid-August until early December 2023.
  4. Per the US DOT, you have 24 hours to obtain a refund after purchase to cancel either at Southwest or Hawaiian. That, just in case you change your mind.
  5. Sale prices on Hawaiian Airlines do not include checked bags. Checked bags cost $35 for the first bag and $40 for the second one. Basic economy doesn’t offer seat assignments. Regularly economy typically offers assigned seats, but those tend to be near the rear of the plane and might or might not be middle seats. Better seats are sold at an additional cost.
  6. Sale prices on Southwest Airlines include two free checked bags. Southwest doesn’t offer seat assignments, and for an extra cost, early boarding is possible.





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11 thoughts on “Race To The Bottom As Hawaiian/Southwest Battle $82 Airfares”

  1. this pricing is a joke. no nonstops included and very few flights at this price…also they make stops with long layovers

  2. What a deal But those high hotel cost are just going to hurt everyone. There goes the economy!

    Was surprised that Hawaiian put tickets on sale.
    Southwest is still a better deal.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the reminder. Just booked my annual trip for 200 dollars round trip! Hotels are same prices as last year so no drama there.

    1. Hi KMW.

      Thanks. We’re glad to hear that you were able to take advantage of one of those deals.


  4. I believe the goal is to fill the planes so that those that booked early at sky-high prices don’t see empty seats and realize how much they over-paid.
    Same reason concert and sports promoters give away thousands of tickets.
    Better to get a little income for remaining seats than nothing for empty seats.

  5. BOH, thanks for the info! As far as I can tell, condos (even ocean front) are virtually on sale. Occupancy is quite low. Maybe these low airfares will bring more people in. On the other hand, it’s kind of nice not having the boards of people.


  6. Condo prices are falling for late summer and fall. A one bedroom condo in south Kihei is 149.00 a night, plus tax. That price is good though most of December (minus Thanksgiving week). Why would anyone want to stay in a hotel?

  7. With car rental and hotels still at a record high cost bringing down airfare might be a good ploy to get people there.

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