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Six Tips For A Safe Hawaii Vacation

Happy Valentine’s Day to our readers. Our gift to you is one of safety on your Hawaii vacation. Here are our top six suggestions (and links to previous posts) to keep your Hawaii vacation fun.

1.  Respect the sun, even in winter. We were with visitors recently who were already fried to a crisp in spite of cloudy weather. Without sun protection you can, and will get burned at any time of year in Hawaii no matter the temperature. Read these two posts for my thoughts:

2. The ocean can be dangerous. Here are our ocean safety tips to make sure a return trip is in your future:

3. Visitors have relatively few problems when it comes to anything criminal. You should still do obvious things like lock your hotel door and windows and not leave valuables in your car. Rental cars stand out like a sore thumb and those who’d take advantage are looking for them.

4. Watch out for Hawaii’s critters. We suggest visitors to bedding and shoes for any unwelcome guests. Here’s some more help:

Mosquitos. These aren’t considered dangerous here in terms of being disease carrying, but they can sure make you uncomfortable. It’s rained a lot recently and there are plenty of these around. Protect yourself, especially at dawn and dusk.

Jellyfish: These won’t kill you either, but you should definitely avoid them, pay attention to signs, and consider when they are expected on South-facing beaches.

Centipedes: Again not deadly, but take it from me, they hurt a lot and are capable of ruining a vacation.

**5. Don’t get seasick. Hawaiian waters are rough depending on time of year and oceanic disturbance and storms.

6. Obey traffic regulations, note our strict speed enforcement, and use good sense. Making a U-Turn on one of our highways, might just get you killed.


1 thought on “Six Tips For A Safe Hawaii Vacation”

  1. Yeah, tip #2, watermen the world over repeat the mantra, “do not turn your back on the ocean”
    It’s like people hear the words, but do not comprehend the meaning…
    And on tip#3, we were going to drive up to the Pali Highway and stop at the overlook. We encountered a tour group there and the first thing the tour person said was, “do not leave anything valuable in your car…take it with you” Even though we were not part of the tour, my wife and I heeded his recommendation. When we had gotten back from the overlook, somebody’s car had been broken into and the couple were devastated. Their luggage, ID, money and everything was stolen…window smashed and taken right out of the back seat. Learn from others mistakes!

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