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Why Tech Billionaire Larry Ellison Just Moved to Lanai

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on Rich and Famous in Hawaii, Oracle co-found Ellison just announced that he has permanently moved, replete with his private jet, to Lanai. That makes him next in the line of California high tech execs to leave their golden goose roots.

Considered to be the 11th richest person in the world, 76-year-old Ellison just notified his staff this morning, Hawaii time. This came following his company’s announcement last week that it was moving to Austin Texas from Redwood City.

Ellison said in a note to Oracle staff, “I’ve received a number of inquiries about whether or not I will be moving to Texas. The answer is no. I’ve moved to the State of Hawaii and I’ll be using the power of Zoom to work from the island of Lanai. Mahalo, Larry.

Why did Ellison move to Lanai? It is no coincidence, as he owns 98% of the island, where he, his resorts, grocery store, housing, and newspaper (locally referred to as the Company) comprise the primary employer for the 3,000 person island. Ellison purchased the island in 2012.

Visiting Lanai is a decided step back in time. The island has just thirty miles of paved roads, and, in a good year, 100k annual visitors. In addition to the two resorts and the small Hotel Lanai, there are spectacular secluded beaches, diving and four-wheel driving. It remains a world away from neighboring county-seat, Maui.

If you’re on Lanai, have you spotted Ellison there?

Beat of Hawaii © photo on Lanai.

18 thoughts on “Why Tech Billionaire Larry Ellison Just Moved to Lanai”

  1. I had no idea a billionaire bought Lanai. I think the world does have too many people now who can exclusively control some of the most magical places on earth.
    Hopefully when he passes it will move into a conservancy or public ownership.

    1. “Hopefully when he passes it will move into a conservancy or public ownership.”

      Larry will never “pass”. He is converting himself into an animatron, and will be immortal.

      I worked in Silicon Valley for nearly 30 years. Back when Oracle was splitting their stock every other month, there was a huge Mercedes dealership right next to their Redwood Shores complex, that supplied all the newly minted multi-millionaires with new toys to drive (and this is back in the 90’s when multi-millions was still real money).

      Larry is legendary, mostly for being Larry. My personal favorite Larry story is that Oracle’s legal department would assign one of their in-house counsels to deal with all the “personal” mail Larry would receive, which included numerous NSFW pictures and video tapes from women seeking to “date” him.

      1. With due respect David B. my Larry story about his new yacht certainly beats his penchant for peccodillos. Remember? Christened IZANAMI, spelled backwards I-M-A-N-A-Z-I! Oops! Perhaps Larry isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. I was just on Lanai during Thanksgiving Week, staying at the 4 Seasons Resort. There was only 1 or 2 private jets at the airport upon our arrival and 4-5 parked when we departed on Sat Nov 28, so it’s possible one of those belonged to him. We had a great time while on the island, going fishing, skeet shooting, renting a Jeep to explore the Island, and taking our granddaughter to Lanai Ranch to see and pet the mini horses, mini donkeys, and goats.

  3. Hi and yes I have run into Mr Ellison on the island. Maybe 6 years ago we were eating breakfast at Manele Bay (when it was reasonable to stay there) and some big security types came into the restaurant with ear pieces checking us all out and acting like the President of the USA was about to walk in. We had seen a gorgeous yacht pull up close to the bay about an hour before, so we all of the sudden put two and two together that it must be the owner of that yacht. Our server asked us to move our a table a bit and 5 minutes later in walked Mr Elllson and 3 other people and sat down right next to us. The security stuck around peaking behind curtains and hot buffet tables as did the GM of the hotel and some very official looking lady with badges all dangling down the front of her expensive suit. Guess what? He likes his eggs the same way I do!!! He was not friendly at all (we smiled at him but he didn’t smile back, not even to his guests. Oh well! I was hoping for an invite onto the yacht, but I will have to ask another billionaire I run into over my over easy eggs. Thanks for letting me tell my Larry story.

  4. We were there a few weeks ago when he had just arrived on island! We spotted his private jet at the airport. We did see a rapper and some famous football players at the Manele resort.

  5. I’m a resident and I think I can speak for all residents other thanUncle Larry’s inner circle when I say that No we haven’t seen him. He’s not like the previous owner who was very visible and approachable to everyone. Larry stays in his bubble and doesn’t humble himself enough to inter mix and mingle with us. Seems as if he thinks himself as a high muckamuck and doesn’t want to know the people he rules over, or those of use that don’t work for or live in one of his properties. We’re below his standards I guess.

  6. Nah, Larry is just craving attention, bragging about his own private island. And hiding from the Pandemic. A man like him is larger than life … has many homes, the most beautiful of which is the amazing Japanese compound in Woodside/CA. He’d be bored to death on tiny tiny Lanai.

    1. Almost Alex B. My favorite, actual story about Larry (this from one of his employees and a friend of mine). In the 80’s Larry bought a 235′ yacht parked in Sausalito named Izanami. It fit his fascination with pseudo Zen as you described. The boat was christened, ready to sail until one of his assistants pointed out a reason to perhaps “un-Christen” the boat.

      Look at the Japanese word again and spell it backwards: I-M-A-N-A-Z-I.

      When my friend finished the story, I was in mid-bite at lunch and sprayed by mouthful of pasta across the table!

      1. Hahaha, thanks James, I love it.

        I worked for Larry myself, for 19 great years. When I signed on at Oracle, his Exec VP gave me Sun Tsu’s Rules of War to read. He is a true genius, who defines himself through his larger than life projects. Edo area Japanese temple architecture, sailboats, now Hawai’i property. What’s next? Nobody can tell.

    1. Billionaires just get richer- they don’t help the public good.

      1. Silly to say billionaires just get richer and don’t help people. They get rich because of their accomplishments which create jobs, wealth of individual investors in the stock market etc.
        They circulate money in the economy which supports the economy. Thst said, Lanai should never have been corporate owned to begin with.

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