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Hawaii Travel Deals, Tips and News | Summer/Fall Sales!

An excellent year of Hawaii travel deals continues with summer and fall sales in process and many more ahead. Sale prices on flights to Hawaii remain at historically low inflation adjusted costs. Posts over the past few days feature late summer and fall sales. Act today and make your Hawaii vacation dreams a reality.

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Summer and Fall Hawaii Vacation Deals Now Through NovemberTravel from now until November.

Kauai and Kona Too! Summer Hawaii Travel Deals $186+Sale prices to Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and Kona.

What Are You Willing to Do for Cheap Flights to HawaiiWe all prefer nonstops but you can often save a lot but stopping en route.

What’s New at Iconic Hawaii Airports. Recent changes at Honolulu, Maui and Kona airports.

Ten Ways to Score a Discount Hawaii Car Rental | 2016/2017Many ways to save money on the 3rd largest Hawaii vacation cost.

Honolulu Farmers Market at Kapiolani College. We recently returned to one of our favorite Hawaii farmers markets.

Pick Lanai Ferry – Molokai Ferry from MauiA great, easy and inexpensive ride for a day trip or longer.

66 thoughts on “Hawaii Travel Deals, Tips and News | Summer/Fall Sales!”

  1. I’m like a lot of folks here, I live in mid-America and getting to the coast to get a cheap ticket costs a lot anymore, but when “aloha calls” I’ll go. I know you folks are not travel agents, but do you ever get info on first class deals? Our 40th is coming up and I would like to do it up right. Also do you have info on which airlines treat you better on the flights from the mainland to the islands? The last couple of flights were on Delta and they felt like cattle cars. very tight, narrow seats and NO legroom, older plans too. Their mainland planes were so much better, except for legroom. It was like going back 20 years.

    1. Hi Lee,

      First class airfare deals are ever so rare as to be virtually non existent. Having said that, please provide your dates and airport pairs and we’ll be glad to have a look and see what we might suggest.


  2. Thanks to you, we have been seeing some amazing fares to Hawaii for the summer and fall and we were able to take advantage of a great fare for mid-September to Honolulu. We are planning a trip to Kauai in February. What are your thoughts on the fares for the winter months? Do you think they might continue? Thanks again for all the information you provide.

    1. Hi Darlene.

      Thank you. Kauai isn’t seeing the very best airfares and won’t for at least another year. Also it looks like you’re flying from San Jose – although you did’t say. So probably $450 or just under is a good target. There are already those fares on Hawaiian. That’s with one stop. Nonstop is probably going to be about $50+ more.


  3. I am bringing my family of 8 to KOA on 12/25/16 to 1/7/17 or 1/8/17 to visit my parents. We live in Oklahoma and are willing to drive to some surrounding areas to fly out of such as DFW, ABQ, HOU, MCO, etc. Do you know if prices will be going down or is now my best bet to fly? I’m seeing roundtrip from $1005 to $1250 or so. Yikes!

  4. Hello,
    We are planing to travel with family to Maui in September. We are flexible on dates, so just looking for a cheaper flight. Current prices are at $378 roundtrip from Oakland (Sacramento is more expensive). Are there chances for price drops for that month? It was $358 couple weeks back 🙁
    Not sure if I should wait to purchase….still have some time.
    Also, would you suggest using VRBO to find a place to stay @ Maui? I found some nice deals there, but wanted a second opinion.
    Thanks in advance for advice!

    1. Hi Lyuda,

      Prices for that very competitive OAK-OGG route will vacillate in that mid to high $300’s range. For best choices of flights and seats though, buying sooner than later might prove efficacious.


  5. Hello does anyone know the best time and price for fares from LAX or san Diego to Lihue, Kawai and if there may be might be any price reductions?


    1. Hi Sherrin,

      Kauai doesn’t see good pricing and that’s going to remain the case for at least the next year. Best pricing is 1-stop on American from San Diego at about $466 this fall. Nonstop is about $200 more from LA on any carrier. Might improve but not very likely.


  6. Thanks for all your updates. Please tell us if we should wait for better prices for flights from LAX to KOA for 8/5/16 – 8/15/16. We have ten family members traveling.

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Currently $800 on your exact dates on Hawaiian or $688 and you travel one day later in both directions. Also contact the group sales department to see if you can get a further discount for 10 passengers traveling together.

      Otherwise, price may or may not improve somewhat if you care to wait. Availability is not likely to be a problem.


  7. I’m interested in taking my wife to Hawaii in September. We would be traveling from Cincinnati. Is it cheaper to fly to any particular island and airline? if so whats the best deal

  8. I see hawaiian air tickets for mothers day weekend leaving Friday returning Monday from California to Maui are $400. Should I waite till Tuesday or buy them now?

    1. Hi Chris,

      You didn’t say where in California you’re traveling from. But any time you can get $400 or less that’s a good price to Hawaii. There will also be more sales for later this spring if you decide to wait.


  9. will be travelling to Hawaii,thinking one interisland flight Oahu-Big Island or vice viersa for a total of 8days from Phoenix Oct 9-17 for a party of 6.When is the best time to secure/purchase these tickets?Mahalo

    1. Hi Petite,

      As you may have seen from other comments, PHX doesn’t see much discounting. So you’re looking at about $650 plus the inter-island flights (price of which varies by time of day and day of week). Probably won’t improve much if at all by waiting. If you choose to wait – look again and follow our email updates during summer.


  10. Going to big island Kona June 16 to 27, is Hawaiians $678 the best deal I will see? Thanks, love your articles!

    1. Hi Rod.

      You didn’t say where you’re leaving from, but it looks to be LA. Only thing is that the price we see is $100 more than you’re stating. In any event, you won’t see discounting to Kona from anywhere on your dates. Best to buy now.


  11. Hello,
    We are looking at traveling to Maui from Seattle in August on Alaska Airlines. My husband has Aug 1-5th off of work so we can travel that week + possibly up to a week before or after. We have a companion fair ticket for Alaska, but for one person round trip its $715. Do you think it will get cheaper then this?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Maia,

      Those dates will probably not improve. We’d give it a 20% chance. Availability could also be an issue however, if you choose to wait.


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