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Unpublished Hawaii Deals This Summer and Fall $428+RT

If you would like to lock in prices for a summer through fall 2016 Hawaii vacation, we’ve got unpublished Hawaii deals available today that make a lot of sense. Included are twelve routes to Honolulu, Kauai, Kona and Maui.

As you see from the many comments we receive and answer, sometimes you don’t have the flexibility or the patience to wait out the airlines for their future airfare sales. A proverbial bird in hand can at times save a lot of stress and time. If on the other hand you’d care to wait with us, we expect to see great prices this coming late summer, fall and winter due to the combination of increased competition and low fuel prices.

Fares featured today are mostly available for travel from August through just before the Christmas holidays.

Don’t distress if your desired city pairs are not listed below. This is a very early sale and there will be a lot more coming. San Francisco and Los Angeles aren’t yet included, but those will be a big part of the late summer to fall sales that will still be forthcoming. Other routes just don’t have good deals yet. To see our thoughts on possible timing of Hawaii deals throughout 2016, read the Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii.

Travel dates: These vary by route. Mostly August 22 through November 16, and November 30 through mid-December 2016. Primarily these are available mid-week but some weekends are included.

Fares and Availability: These are the lowest round trip fares in these markets and are not available all dates. Use flexible date search to view fare and availability by month. Or, to check across multiple airlines try Priceline.

San Diego

Los Angeles

  • No deals yet – but stand by for these as they will be forthcoming.

San Jose

San Francisco

  • No deals yet – but stand by for these as they will be forthcoming.



52 thoughts on “Unpublished Hawaii Deals This Summer and Fall $428+RT”

  1. Hi! We live in Atlanta and would love to visit Hawaii! Thinking of going in August as the site suggested but very flexible with dates. Which island do you suggest for first time visitor? Best airfare out of Atlanta? Should we fly out on Delta which has cheap flights out west and then jump on another airline to Hawaii? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Peggy,

      The later in August the better. It looks like fares may drop into the low $700’s – with one stop. That’s already the case with September.

      Multiple tickets without a true stopover can be problematic with security, checked bags and late flight issues.

      Maui comes to mind as an extremely versatile island for the first time. Moreover would suggest the highly acclaimed online and price guidebook series Hawaii Revealed.

  2. Best time to buy flexible dates for end of August 2016 from Chicago, Minneapolis, or Milwaukee to Maui for 7-10 days?

  3. Hello,
    Just found your wonderful website. Would like to take my family of 5 (2 adults and 3 school age children) to Hawaii for 7-10 days sometime this summer (May-August 2016). We are flexible on dates and the island, but are limited in budget. We would be flying out of St. Louis, MO. What do you see as the most affordable options? Thank you so much.

  4. hi looking for flights in november …8th to 26 from NYC….when is the best time to purchase? thanks so much

    1. Hi Oana,

      There are $750 airfares. Your 26th return however pushes the airfare up by $300. Not sure what to suggest as if you can’t change dates, the price will probably not improve and availability could be a problem.


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