Zuckerberg Donates Another $10 M to Prior $50 M to Help Hawaii

Zuckerberg Latest: 600 Acres on Kauai At Larsens Beach

Mark Zuckerberg now owns 1,300 acres on Kauai with this purchase. Will that be enough to satisfy one of the world’s richest?

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48 thoughts on “Zuckerberg Latest: 600 Acres on Kauai At Larsens Beach”

  1. Imagine what the guys are thinking that got a measly $65m from Zuckerberg for stealing their Facebook idea. Watch out Hawaii, Zuckerberg may just buy all of the islands. I truly hope he leaves it undeveloped.

  2. My wife and I have been going to Kauai since 1992, sad to see Hawaiin families sell off large portions of their heritage to one person. The heritage, history, culture and beauty is what brings us to the island, not somebody that owns a home with 25 bathrooms.

  3. A much bigger concern than the road leading to the trail head to Larsen’s beach is whether the path down to the beach will continue to be open. The land owner has been trying for years to fence this off and close the trail for years. I fear that Zuckerberg with his vast wealth will be able to accomplish this.

    1. Most of the people in kauai have limited choices. There’s literally whole family’s that a driven to living on the beach because they can’t afford rent. These people are employed, but all thee average expenses and rent exceed their pay so they sell the land.Bette Middler has so much property I was at one in wailua homestead. Most was given as a gift from a greedy politician she probably doesn’t know.

  4. Aloha BOH Bro’s

    As many including myself have predicted Zuckerberg along with island elite’s are looking to take advantage of the pandemic to change the social economic makeup of Kauai.

    Plans are in place to slow tourism to the island by making short term rental condo ownership a thing of the past. The same is happening on Maui where 3 of my close friends saw the scales tip and have found non-resident owner of a short term rental condo unsustainable.

    Don’t worry with the inflated condo values all made out like bandits when they sold their properties.

    All the right people are on board with this change to Kauai. Retires, government, island elites and Zuckerberg the days of cheap lodging on Kauai are coming to an end.

  5. Stood next to the guy in the buffet line at mutual friend’s BD party years ago in Palo Alto. Was a formal affair (jackets, ties), but he was in jeans with a grey hoodie.

    Anyway, 75000 SF with 25 bathrooms makes for some excellent social distancing possibilities. Or they could house all the people that they just removed (or tried to remove) from the Anini beach park. (I keed)

  6. I think its sad we allow the super rich to just buy up everything and block off access to the beaches which are all supposed to be publicly accessible. Facebook needs to go away.

    1. Sadly, I’m afraid that one day I may not get to go home! Zuckerberg will end up buying out my entire family, because they won’t be able to afford to live there anymore. It’ll be like the “displacement” of my paternal family, the Native Americans! All this from the guy WHO is against the southern border wall!!


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