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$82 Alaska Airlines Hawaii Sale Today Only

Another unique Alaska Airlines Hawaii sale, today only. This offer is valid when two people fly together on leap day, February 29, 2020, and return on March 3, 2020. These rock bottom fares will be gone at any time.

Buy one get one free offer.

1. Two people must travel together, only on the dates specified above.
2. To receive this offer, to go and enter LEAPDAY in the discount fare code.
3. Cheapest price may not be available in both directions.
4. Fares are one-way, per person, including all taxes and fees.

Kauai – Alaska Airlines Hawaii Deals

Oakland $97 per person one way

Kona – Alaska Airlines Hawaii Deals

Oakland $92 per person one way
Sacramento $97 per person one way
San Diego $97 per person one way

Maui – Alaska Airlines Hawaii Deals

Oakland $92 per person one way
San Diego $102 per person one way
San Jose $82 per person one way

Be sure to check Hawaiian Airlines too for sale prices.

Travel and purchase dates: Purchase today only (February 11, 2020). Travel on dates indicated, and can start either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Fares and Availability:  Sale prices are for Basic economy. Limited availability. If fares are gone, they’re gone.

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Airlines: Alaska Airlines. Also check for competitive pricing on Hawaiian Airlines.

Post updated 2/11/20. Photo at Hamoa Beach Maui.

42 thoughts on “$82 Alaska Airlines Hawaii Sale Today Only”

  1. Hello, I ❤️ your site. I read it whether I’m thinking/planning a trip to Hawaii or not! I would appreciate your advice, please. I’m needing to book 2 one-way trips from OGG to IAH on May 21st. Right now, they’re running about $700+ for a premium economy with 1 stop. I’m looking at premium as opposed to basic because my husband is 6’5 and needs all the leg room possible! Do you anticipate there being lower fares, perhaps in the “50’ish days before flight” window?

    Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Liz.

      Thank you. It is possible but not likely. The cheapest one-stop premium economy gets on that routes is about $600 one way. That is rare however.


  2. I’m planning to travel with my spouse and infant on lap around 1/20/2019. Right now Hawaiian Airline Extra Comfort from SFO to HNL one way is about $260. Do you think there’s going to be any Christmas promotion or I should grab the price right now? Thanks!

      1. Should have read your reply earlier and purchase it right away. Now even the basic fare has gone up to $200+ 🙁 Do you think it may go down in the next two weeks? Thanks!

  3. Dang, that’s just shy of when I’m able to travel. Is your hunch that there will be similar deals coming for travel after Feb. 12?

    Thank you as always for the great content.

    1. Hi DB.

      There will be many more great deals in 2020. What we don’t know is exactly when and if it would work for your travel dates.


  4. Hello wonderful Beat of Hawaii folks, I’m starting to look more seriously as our trip from Boston to Kona with a jump over to Oahu then back to Boston in May is getting closer. Hawaiian is showing a total of $1,571 for two adults. Checking Alaskan now but their website isn’t showing the ability to book multi-city. Not sure if I’m just missing it. My question is, what do you think is a good price for east coast travel (specifically Boston)? Thanks again and have a great day 🙂 Erin

    1. Hi Erin.

      Price is fair, but not great. Leaving the inter-island piece out of it, question is, are you flying mid-week and can you be flexible. If so, then you might be able to do $1200 RT from Oahu for two.


      1. Hello! Yes, it is mid-week, Wednesday to Wednesday. Only flexible within a day (could fly out night before and arrive Wed). Airbnbs have been long booked. Thanks, Erin

  5. Hello! I have southwest air points. Coming from Seattle with my family of 5 (2 small kids, grandma, husband, myself). With southwest opening flights to Hawaii, can I assume beginning of February would be a cheap time to visit? If southwest hasn’t opened their flights yet, I’m ok with saving my southwest airline points for a different trip if the flight on a different airline is cheap. How much would you expect flights to be for beginning of February from Seattle to Honolulu? $400? Or less?

    1. Hi Huskygal.

      So if you mean February 2018, it is too early to book. Also given the added competition out of Seattle, it will be best to wait until this fall or later to get tickets. Target price is $450RT


  6. Good morning Looking to go to Maui in June of this year (LAX to OGG). 8 adults and 1 child. Most likely the dates will be departing Monday 6/19. 6 of the adults will return on Thu 6/29 and the remaining 2 adults and 1 child will return Monday 7/3. The far is approx. $715 now, do you think that will decrease at all?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Donella,

      Good price for your dates. Do not expect it to go lower and could actually go the other way.


  7. Hello, what price should I be expecting to fly into OGG from LAS the first Week of July this year? Hawaiian Air is showing around $840. should that drop at all? How long would you say to book in advance? Thank you!

  8. Hi – We have a resort booked 6/2-6/6 on Kauai. We are also hoping to visit The Big Island during our stay. We’ve been to Hawaii about 6 times in the last few years for my husbands job but it’s always to Oahu or Maui so we wanted to see some of the other islands. Anyway, I just received our confirmation on those dates and so I’m now ready to book flights and build the rest of the itinerary around those dates (we are flexible); any thoughts on what will be the best way to book airfare? My initial search looked like it might be best to fly from STL into OGG and then island hop, but since you’re the expert, I thought I would get your opinion. Thanks in advance. I appreciate it. Steph

    1. Hi Steph.

      So your asking about flying from STL to Kauai and Big Island, first week of June. Not sure your exact dates since you only indicated your Kauai stay. It would definitely be best to do Big Island first. Otherwise you’ll end up in high season. $800 on American into Kona and out of Lihue mid-week with good connections. Suggest not wasting time trecking back and forth on expensive and time-consuming inter-island round trip that will only save you $100.


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