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Maui Spring Airfare Deals From $116 Each Way

Maui is still getting the bulk of the deals at the moment. And that’s true from up and down the Pacific Coast, San Diego to Vancouver.

Here are a number of current offers from varying carriers that are valid between now and early June (depending on route). You can check the airlines sites directly or try Kayak to find available dates.

Portland $157+

Delta Airlines has the best price, but the least availability (first week of May only). Alaska Airlines is $199 each way with good availability throughout May.

Sacramento $116+

American Airlines has the best price here, but availability is limited to the last week of April. Otherwise, American and Hawaiian have better availability throughout May fir s

San Diego $170+

Good availability on American, Alaska and Delta Airlines. Price fluctuates up to about $190, but there’s good availability is now through early June.

San Jose $180+

Alaska and American Airlines. Late April through mid-May. Fair availability.

Seattle $198+

Late April through mid-June on Alaska Airlines. Fair availability (some almost every week).

Vancouver C$189+

On Westjet in late May and early June only.


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4 thoughts on “Maui Spring Airfare Deals From $116 Each Way”

  1. Is there any hope of summer airfare prices coming down? I am waiting to book flights from LA this July. Has there been a sale and I missed it?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Becky,

      I would be surprised to see any reduction in fares for the period from end of June through end of July.

      Aloha, Jeff

    1. Hi Kirk,

      You found them. While I didn’t specifically mention it, deals are virtually always valid in both directions.


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