Tom Cruise: Starring Role in Secret Hawaii Island, Lanai

Far from being a casual visitor to Lanai, Tom Cruise is closely connected to “The Company” as it is called locally.

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46 thoughts on “Tom Cruise: Starring Role in Secret Hawaii Island, Lanai”

  1. Ellison has done Quite Well for himself and his family. Stewardship of the island must be a daunting task that is delegated to trusted advisors and employees with the Most Important decisions being Ellisons. Employing that many people, keeping secrecy intact, is of great concern. Why own it if you can’t control it! Of course Friends, like Tom Cruise, and other wealthy people will visit, the Seclusive Secrecy is enjoyed by them all.

  2. We stayed at the Hotel Lanai (the fabulous Sarah!) a couple years ago and had a delightful visit. The entire experience could not have been more enjoyable, from seeing dolphins on the way over and back, the fabulous meals, the historical museum, the shopping, the beauty, visiting with people, and just wandering around. All of it!

  3. It should be stressed that of the 900+ older, single-family homes on Lanai, about 80% are privately owned; the Company owns the remainder. However, 100% of the commercially-zoned property is owned by the Company so all businesses must lease from the company, on short-term leases, most now on month-to-month leases: That is control. The major landholder on Lanai, (whether it be Dole, Murdock, or now Ellison) has always been called The Company. I worked and lived on Lanai for 12 years, before the fake, plastic, generic hotels, and I was fortunate to call the island my home. My heart goes out to the true people of Lanai who experience daily pain caused by the greed of others.

    1. KO, your description of Lanai is interesting. The long time residents must find living there pleasurable or most would have left. I typically find that Greed is in the eyes of the beholder and not the owner. With the Investments made, the jobs created, and Ellison’s Commitment to the Viable future of the Island that people would be excited with his Stewardship. Normal people do visit also. Not Everyone will always be satisfied but trying to helps! Thanks.

      1. Ernie S the problem is that people don’t want a steward…no one person should gave that much control over people without representation. I can’t believe Hawaii sold Lanai for only 300 million…and is still operating in the red

  4. Lived there for 2 years during recession, only 1 gas station , 2 grocery stores only opened at different times, totally beautiful but private ownership, definable challenging

  5. I lived on Maui for twenty five years and had been to Lana’i many times including when my son lived there. He was involved in the building of the Manele Condos by the Manele Hotel. Very interesting little town and full of history.

  6. A few years ago we booked a tour to Lanai. We took the ferry from Lahaina & were met by a local resident guide who took us around the island in his private vehicle with another couple. Our guide had lived in California but was been born and raised on Lanai and felt the pull to return. His immediate family all live on Lanai. It was very interesting to get his perspective and what it’s like to live in this small tight knit community. As a bonus we saw more whales and spinner dolphins on the ferry ride than we had on a whale watching cruise.

  7. Aloha “Beat”,
    I am a Montessori educator, although I currently live on the Mainland, I did interview with Discovery “Montessori” school in Hawthorne, California, for a spot on the staff for the newly built school on Lānaʻi, which, incidently, the ad welcomed folks who had some cultural knowledge of the islands. Of course, they moved their “teacher/guides” to Lānaʻi and then went on to interview and hire for the Hawthorne California pre-school. So sad that true integration is not part of Larry’s actions. Maybe you can’t believe everything you read, yet I am a firm believer that information in Hawai’i is part of it’s hearbeat. So, thank you for printing!


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