Allegiant Hawaii Deals Delayed

Have you’ve been waiting around like I have to hear exactly what Allegiant has in mind for the islands? If you plan to take advantage of their upcoming Hawaii deals, there’s some news you should know about. As I recently shared, the planes look ready to fly.  On the other hand, the carrier is not.

Last week, Allegiant had their third quarter financial results telephone call, and hidden in in the question and answers is some interesting Hawaii service news.

1.  The carrier called getting their Hawaii-found 757’s up and flying an “arduous project.”  “We’re “asking the FAA to do a lot.”  What’s at hand is :

ETOPS (extended range twin engine operations) certification of equipment and personnel.
Acquiring U.S. flag-carrier status.

2.  As for how they’re proceeding on the project, Allegiant responded that they’re “still slugging through things.”

3.  Lastly, one of the magic questions everyone wants to know the answer to was asked:

When will the 757’s go into service and begin flying to Hawaii?
“Mid-summer next year is our target to get started with the airplane.”

Just how far behind are Allegiant’s Hawaii plans?

As recently as March, Allegiant CEO Maurice Galallagher Jr. said they would begin service with the first two planes before the end of 2010.  They also planned to have two more planes enter Hawaii service in the first first half of 2011 and the final two aircraft start service in the first half of 2012.

It appears that Allegiant is running at least six months behind schedule on the initial roll-out.  I’ll keep ear to the ground and let you know whatever else I learn.

Where are the planes now?

It is believed that the 757’s are located at Kingman, Arizona airport.


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  1. Why are you surprised that Hawaiian would not pull out all the political stops to preclude competition in the “Peoples Republic of Hawaii” ?

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