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Ten Reasons We Love Hawaii Include Hawaii Deals

While we’re waiting for more Hawaii deals for fall and into 2020, here’s another chance to contemplate reasons we love Hawaii and continue to seek it out. After all, isn’t that why we follow Cheap Flights to Hawaii in the first place? Please add your favorite things about Hawaii below. The list continues! Here are some of our most memorable experiences for you to try.

1. Come to the most isolated islands in the world for a true getaway from everyday life. Hawaii remains unique. The Hawaiian Archipelago, once known as the Sandwich Islands, consists of over 130 land masses that stretch over 1,600 miles from north (the Kure Atoll) to south (the Big Island). The name Hawaii comes from the largest of the land masses, the Big Island.

2. Drive the Road to Hana and don’t turn back. That way you will end your day in Upcountry Maui. On Maui you can drive around most of the island while remaining near the ocean’s edge.

3. Drink Hawaii coffee. We are the only state that grows it commercially. From small Ka`u and Kona farms including Hula Daddy and Rusty’s Hawaiian, to the state’s largest coffee plantation on Kauai, there is commercial coffee that is grown on all of the major islands. Our coffee aficionado tendencies unquestionably lean to those from the Big Island.

4. Make time to visit Haleakala, a crown jewel on Maui. Things have changed regarding access. A reserve before you go system is in effect, which was implemented to reduce crowding at sunrise. Visits from 3am to 7am now require reservations in advance and payment of a $1 per vehicle fee. Then, on the day of your visit, you’ll pay the $20 park entrance. Reservations are possible up to 60 days in advance, and they are not required for any other time of day. The $20 park entrance fee provides access to both park districts for up to three days with your receipt.

5. Look for Mt. Waialeale on Kauai, which is among the rainiest places in the world (especially of recent), averaging nearly 40 feet of rain annually! Luckily visitors don’t stay there.

6. Experience our many Hawaii beaches which are considered public. Access to some of them, however, is only via private property or the ocean. Which beaches are your favorite? Some of ours are Hanalei Bay (Kauai), Hamoa (Maui), Hapuna (Big Island), Sans Souci (Oahu) and Papohaku (Molokai). Also read our recent post Best Beaches in Hawaii.

7. Taste Hawaii pineapple. We grow some of the world’s best, and at one time produced a significant part of the world’s supply. They are easily grown at home in Hawaii by simply sticking the crowns in the ground. Unfortunately, labor costs have reduced our competitiveness with foreign producers. Remember that you can bring Hawaii pineapples back with you from your next trip. Pick healthy looking ones up at any grocery store, Costco, or farmers market.

8. Enjoy less variability in sunrise and sunset. Even in winter, it won’t be getting dark until 6pm or later. Hawaii has a unique time zone, known as Hawaiian Aleutian time. We are located at GMT -10 and we do not participate in daylight savings. That’s especially important to remember when mainland time changes, although that practice itself may not continue much longer. The time difference between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland (west coast) is 3 hours in summer but only 2 hours in winter.

9.  Find near perfect climate. Our winter to summer temperatures vary little. In most cases from the high 60’s to the low 80’s. So you will rarely be too hot or too cold! Hawaii weather is just perfect and air conditioning and heating are seldom required.

10. Visit Iolani Palace in Honolulu and learn more about Hawaii history. Dating back to 1882, this is the only royal palace in the United States. Choose between a guided or self-guided tour. If you buy the Go Oahu pass, your admission fee is covered.

11. Visitor William adds: I am a resident of Kona and I think you left off the most magical piece of Hawaii – Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island, the active one!!!! And Waipio Valley would be on my list, as well. We concur.

Beat of Hawaii photo at Hamoa Beach Maui.

Updated 9/11/19.

10 thoughts on “Ten Reasons We Love Hawaii Include Hawaii Deals”

  1. Aloha Guys!

    Really, ridiculously hard to pick just 10!

    But, if I had to add a few, on Oahu for sure; get a surreal History lesson by walking on the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship, as well as visit (in this guys humble opinion) the most beautiful resting place for known/unknown soldiers who died to protect our liberties, at Punchbowl Crater National Cemetery of the Pacific (bonus: there is an absolute Spectacular view of the Honolulu skyline and Diamond Head, Hawaii’s most Iconic extinct crater, just outside the entrance to Punchbowl).

    For one of the best cultural experience, on Oahu, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. It can be a full day experience culminating with a Polynesian dinner show/Luau. Definitely a unique experience learning about the different Polynesian cultures in the Pacific Rim.

    There are so, so many…Every Island has its share! Great Post!

    Take Care Guys!

  2. I’ve been visiting Hawaii for more than 25 years; I never tire of it, and experience something new every time I visit.

    Last August, my then-14 year old daughter and I visited Kona – her first visit there, and my first in many years. Every day was memorable, from dinner with spinner dolphins to swimming with turtles; a moving experience at Hulihe’e Palace, to a funny and educational tour at Big Island Bees.

    Work had been extremely stressful for the entire year before our trip. On our day of waterfall “hunting”, we stopped at Umauma Falls, where, for a nominal fee, we were literally the only two in the Botanical Garden. Such a sense of peace came over me, while we wandered among the beauty, that I wept.

    There is no place on Earth like Hawaii. Like the commenter above says, knowing this place will change your life – no exaggeration.

    Thank you, Rob and Jeff, for doing what you do.

  3. Aloha!
    I stumbled across your site a few years ago while visiting Hawaii with my family. We have been visiting the islands (specifically Oahu, Maui & Kauai) every few years since I was 16 years old. Earlier this year, my husband and I took our first solo trip for our 5 year anniversary & my 30th birthday and stayed on the leeward side of Oahu. It was beautiful, as always, and so peaceful. Hawaii has changed my life and when anyone even mentions it I get giddy with excitement that they are going.

    I just wanted to say mahalo for keeping up this site and posting everything you do.I love to learn more about how to respect the land & locals, as well as read about other things to do on the islands that I hadn’t thought of – or just to see the other readers comments. ALSO your posts about how to get cheaper flights (I booked separately rather than round trip – way better deal from MO, USA) & cheaper car rentals really helped me out last year when I was booking our trip for this year – much appreciated!

    Anyway, this is just an appreciation post for you all at Beat of Hawaii – I am subscribed and read your emails every day and get so excited every time I get one in my inbox. Can’t wait to go back!

    Jess, from MO

  4. I wouldn’t recommend going all the way around Maui. We were told that on the south side there are 17 miles of just gravel road. It takes a long time to get to Hana and O’heao Gulch–hours and then if you take what used to be the kapu road back to the south of Haleakala, it is more hours since the road isn’t good. You wouldn’t want to be on that road if it’s dark!

  5. Experience true Aloha. You won’t know how real the aloha spirit is until you witnessed the dignity and respect the locals share with one another. It’s very humbling.

    P.S. don’t forget about the apple bananas.

  6. I am a resident of Kona and I think you left off the most magical piece of Hawaii – Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island, the active one!!!! And Waipio Valley would be on my list, as well. Thank you for a great website!

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